Bears, bears and bears

We thought that we could have our picnic at the park today but the weather was so unpredictable so our teachers just decided to bring back our food and bottles to school. We then went to the fish pond to see some little fishes swimming around. We also noticed that the grasses are getting so tall and we could barely see the whole pond. In the corner of the pond, we found the biggest fish in it. It was hiding and quietly munching something underwater. Our teachers reminded us to always put our feet on the floor just to be safe all the time. We sang some songs about the fish before heading back to Ohana. On our way back, we dropped by at the temple. It was also a good practice for our gross motor skills because we were able to walk uphill. The lane was short but then going up and down from it was an opportunity for us to develop our physical coordination especially when it was time to go down while holding on our ropes. We returned to Ohana and took off our smocks. We put on our indoor shoes and started singing with our teachers. We still did some recordings for our CD album and we can’t wait to hear our voices. Hopefully, our teachers can finish it by this week.

During our circle time, we talked about the bears. We saw four different types of bears. They were the giant panda, polar bear, grizzly bear and sloth bear. We already knew the panda bear, polar bear and grizzly bear but the sloth bear was new to us. It looked DSCN0387like a dog because it has big ears and furry body. Definitely, it was so big that its claws were so evident. We also learned about what they eat. They are carnivores except the panda bear which is an herbivore (but sometimes they can also eat meat or fish). Our teachers asked us if we also like to eat meat. Most of us agreed and excitedly replied, “Yes”. We also liked to eat veggies and fruits like apples and bananas. After the discussion, we sang our “Teddy bear song”. We stood up and did some actions by turning around, touching the ground, showing our shoes and marching happily. We just followed the lyrics of the song and it was so much fun doing this with our friends and teachers.

Early in the morning, we also had some big puzzle pieces to work on again. Recently, we have been so fond of completing puzzles in class. Of course, our teachers were always there to help and guide us through until we put everything back together. Another thing we did was painting on our collage. We used the brown paint for our grizzly bear art. We’re excited to add more texture to it in the coming days.

Tomorrow is our social night event. We’re expecting parents who signed up to be there. Thank you so much, Ohana and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016