How tall are we?

We had a fun day today and as soon as we entered the classroom we saw something brightly colored on the table. When we looked closely we saw that it looked very similar to pay-dough. When we touched it however we realized it was quite hard. The teachers told us it is called Plasticine and the more we move it in our fingers the softer it would become. We used the Plasticine to make many things including flowers, cars and animals too. On the second table we saw some big sheets of colored paper and more of our many colored bottle caps. Today we were going to try and make flower designs using the colored bottle caps. There was already an orange flower with white petals made there and so we decided to make a second flower with red petals and a blue center. In the carpet area we again used the Lego blocks to make our own objects and also on the main table there we saw the Connect 4 game. Darren explained to us how to win the game and we enjoyed playing against our friends too. The toy kitchen play area was also popular again today with many of us cooking up toy food together. After packing away the toys Pooja introduced us again to some measuring that that we started looking at yesterday. We measured how tall one of our friends is. We measured using Lego blocks and found that our friend in Flowers Class was 34 Lego blocks high. Today we added our teachers and friends to the big blue paper and saw that Pooja is 49 Lego blocks tall. That is 15 blocks taller than our friend. We all marked our height on the blue paper and will count how many blocks for each of us soon. The park was a little chilly and we spent our time climbing on the climbing frame and the slide. In circle time Pooja read us a great book by Eric Carle called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. It is a great book and we all were very excited to read this together. We firstly reviewed how things are alive thought of the following: “He needs food”, “He needs Air”, “He will grow bigger” and “He needs milk & water”. We then reviewed the days of the week starting on Sunday as the caterpillar in the story eats something new every day. We knew that the caterpillar stays in his cocoon for 2 weeks and when we counted we found that it was 14 days. The caterpillar then changed into a beautiful butterfly. We looked at a sheet which showed the ‘life cycle’ of a butterfly. The butterfly lays eggs which grow into caterpillars and then they turn into butterflies which again lay eggs. Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline and Ryoan