Where‘s my mommy duck?

Good morning everyone! It was sunny again outside and we’re ready to have our new adventure inside and outside our school. We greeted our teachers and friends and did our morning jobs first thing in the morning. We also made sure that we put our snacks in the right places so that later today, we could easily find them when it’s time to have our meals. Further inside, we had some animal toys again together with the Noah’s ark. Our library was quite busy too because Sayaka was there to read some books for us. We loved listening to the animal stories and some of our friends were making the animal sounds as we went along with the story. On our activity tables, we had the puzzles. We loved doing the school bus puzzle because our favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus”. It was quite fascinating to see our friends developing their skills in putting the pieces together. We also had some animal face puzzles; we tried to identify the shape of each face and match them to the puzzle blocks. There were only six pieces so the younger ones could finish them in no time. For our art activity, we made the rooster craft. Our teacher cut the paper plate into half. Then, we put some glue on our paper. We gently spread the glue. It should be evenly applied on all sides. After that, we got some feathers from the tray and we stuck them all on our paper plate. Most of our friends liked the idea of touching and feeling the feathers. The texture was very furry and soft. It was fun doing this activity.

In our circle time, we sang our morning songs and said our friends’ names one by one. Our teachers were so happy because we DSCN9143know all of our names. We were even helping some of our friends if they couldn’t say their names so it was really great to learn and get to know each other a lot more. Today, Chiaki told a story about the Little Duck looking for his mommy. It was very interesting because the little duck couldn’t find his own mommy but he found the frog and other animals. Finally, he arrived at the pond and there he saw his mommy and they both were very happy about finding each other. Lastly, we sang the “Five Little Duck” song. Still, we saw some felt paper cut-outs of the ducks and as they got lost along the way. One of us needed to help them so that we could give the duck to Chiaki. When the song was finished, Chiaki brought all the ducks out and eventually went to their mother.

We went to the park today and it’s always great to see the other classes. Our teachers got the bubble maker out and then we all had to chase after them. We ran as fast as we could until we reached and popped them all. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016