Be gentle with our friends

Good morning, everyone! Thank you Mr. Sun for shining so bright today. We started doing our morning jobs and we said bye to our parents. Our teachers helped us a little today and some of our friends didn’t require any help at all. We’re very proud of our friends because they are really growing up really fast. We also had some friends who are going to the toilet all by themselves now. We put the play dough on our activity tables and Sayaka was there to help us out in making different shapes. We like pinching and molding the material and it was quite entertaining for all of us. We also had some scribbling activities. We got some regular markers both big and small and we certainly enjoyed making lines and dots all over our paper. On the other side of the table, we had the snake art. It is a continuing art so for now we just have to put the eyes and paint our tissue rolls green. Our teachers were helping us to use and hold the paintbrushes appropriately and most of us can do it easily. We just have to remember that we should hold the other side of the tissue rolls as we painted along on both sides. Lastly, we stuck the eyes and let it dry until next week. We’ll have to cut it around so that it can have the spiral shape like most snakes do when they are resting.

We put out the toy cars and some kitchen utensils as well. These are the popular toys that we have in Buds class. Goh-san was DSCN9254here today and she patiently stayed with us while we explore the world of imagination about cars, buses and trucks. We also had Chiaki in the library and she read so many interesting books for us. Not only that, she also brought some wonderful non-fiction books for us to enjoy. We’re so excited to have them and see the colorful pictures in it.

During our circle time, we gathered around and did some warm-up exercises. We stood and made a big circle. We loved doing these warm-up exercises and it always makes us calm down and relax in class. Our teachers believe that we learn more if we’re calm and relaxed. Of course, having a friendly environment is so important as well. One of our friends was really into guitar lately. So what he did was, he sat on our teacher’s lap and said “it’s my turn” (his turn to play the guitar). How he loves music so much and he just couldn’t stop pretending that he was also strumming the guitar too. Then, we sang the “Old McDonald” song and it was nice to see and learn many farm animals as Old McDonald was trying to find his farm animals. We had the cow, horse, pig and goat. We all had a chance of listening to the sounds until we’re able to identify them. We actually helped Old McDonald and that’s really kind of us. Afterwards, we learned about using our gentle hands and not to push our friends around. We sang the “Gentle Hands” song and it was nice to see that most of us know the song already. We finished our circle time by reading the Little Dino “Don’t push” book.

It was nice to play at the park again. We kept on running and running until we got tired. Some of our friends were also there to look for the ants around the park. John said that we can keep them and learn more about them for next week. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day again and see you all again next week. Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016