Police Car Visit & Puzzle Show & Tell

Dear Flower Class parents, We had a special day today with two big activities in the morning. The Police Officers came to visit us at the school and brought along a big motorbike and a police patrol van. The second activity was the first of this week’s Show & Tell. In the morning on the table we started a new activity using some big tissue boxes. The front of the tissue box had been cut and there was a big hole in the front. We saw a sample 3D ocean diorama inside the box. The background was covered with nice blue tissue paper and there were some nice sparkly fish and some bright green seaweed at the bottom. To start our own diorama we first needed to cover the inside of the box with blue tissue paper. We used some sticky glue and made sure it was all stuck properly. We then made some sparkly fish using paper and wiggly eyes and added them to the box. We made the fish stand out by putting some small cardboard tubes behind the fish and glued them in place. On the second table we put out the art box for all of us to use whichever materials we wished and the colored crayons were very popular. On the carpet we got out the Kapla wooden blocks and built a tower, and a station. The memory game on the table was also very popular this morning and we played many games together. After packing away the toys and having our snacks we were very excited to see two police officers arrive. We all saluted them and said “Ohaiyo Gozaimasu”. The officers asked and we asked:

“What do the police do”? “We catch people”

“What kind of people”? “Bad people, Ghosts and Halloween”

We asked lots of questions including “How big is the jail? How many people are in the jail and also said “I’ve seen police dogs on TV but not in Azabu station”. The officers then explained about the traffic lights and what the green and red lights mean, what we should and shouldn’t do etc. We also discussed the ‘Stop’ sign and ‘No Crossing Sign’. We then went down and crossed the road carefully to the police motorbike. We were allowed to get on the police motorbike and in the police van for a special photograph. We then all had a big group photos with our friends from Buds and Petals class too. We went directly to the park after the photo session and had a good time with our friends. We were very surprised to see that a new tree had been planted in the park. After we got back we had today’s Show and Tell and were very lucky to see a beautiful wooden box with 4 wooden puzzles inside. The puzzles were very difficult and we had a try each at opening them but it was not so easy. We could only do one and then we couldn’t put it back together properly. It was fun. Thank you. Tomorrow is our yearbook photo day which we are also looking forward to.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki & Ryoan