What does a doctor do?

Good morning everyone! It was raining so hard outside and we all came to our school wet and damp. Sometimes Mr. Weather can’t cooperate with us because we wanted to go to the park. But then again, we can still have our fun indoor activities for today. On our activity tables, we found some puzzles that we can fix for the day. It was amazing how we were able to finish these puzzles in no time because we were all getting better and better in sorting and putting the pieces all together. For our art activity, we learned more about the doctor and what he always brings to his job. We had made the doctor’s bag, we noticed that the bag usually had a circle and a cross in the middle to signify that this bag was made especially for them. By making the circle and cross cut-outs, our teachers helped us how to hold the scissors nicely and gently open and close it for cutting. It was a fun activity but sometimes we needed to be very careful in snipping so that we won’t cut all the way through. We finished our bag with a smile on our faces because we knew that we can actually use these in the future for our pretend play.

Today is Monday so we had our gym class with Miyashita-sensei.  We definitely love to move our body and to be able to perform the different exercises that we had. Also, it was good for us to learn more on how to follow instructions especially when it comes to movement and concentration. The first exercise was to do jumping, running and walking. We then listened to his whistle and we thought that he was making a familiar sound with it. We all figured it out that it was the Ampanman song. He also made the Disney music and we all said that it was the Mickey Mouse song. After that, we did some animal actions such as bunny hop, leaping frog and bear crawling. It was nice to do the bear crawl because we were able to go under his legs and thought that it was a tunnel that we went into.  Thank you, Miyashita-sensei for putting so much effort in our class.

We went back to our class and had the circle time with our teachers. First, we sang the “Gentle Voice” song and then we said our good morning with our very gentle and angelic voices. We then counted our friends and today we found out that we had thirteen friends and four teachers. Then, we talked about our gender. Some of us said, “I’m a boy” but others replied “I’m a dinosaur” We felt that they were thinking about the Halloween. The fun part of our circle time was to understand and learn how to use the stethoscope. This device is used by the doctors to know the sounds inside your body. You can hear your lungs breathing, tummies growling and hearts thumping. It was very great for our sense of hearing because were able to listen to our teacher’s heartbeat. We also discussed about what the community helpers do in our neighborhood. It was very interesting how we responded to our teachers’ questions and we felt that it was very nice to learn how to do their jobs as well.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016