Police car and Motorcycle visit

And from the rainy day on Monday came the warm beautiful sunshine again. We were so happy to be able to spend time outside on the Police motorcycle and in their car. We all piled into the small police car which was really fun. We could have even squeezed more people into the car, if there had not been so many red cones in the back. We started off our day doing activities at the tables. We looked for more faces in magazines, so that we could cut them out. We looked for feelings other than happy because we have many happy faces already. We looked for angry, surprised, crying, shouting etc. And we were lucky to find quite a few. We sat together on the mat and sang “Let’s all hold hands in a circle” and this time, we changed the actions that we did, as we related them to our feelings. We sang ‘When you’re feeling sad, you………” and we did the action that we said


e. g. when we sang ‘When you’re feeling happy”, Hana said: “You smile” so we smiled. We did this for happy, sad, crying, angry, surprised, sleepy, scared and thinking. We spoke about crying and sad and our teachers wanted to know if they went under the same category. Shelley showed us her sad face, which was not a crying face; it was just sad. Then she showed us a pretend crying face and she was both sad and crying. We couldn’t make up our minds whether they should be separated or not.

While we were sitting on the mat, Shelley took out a huge piece of paper with both vertical and horizontal lines on it. The columns were vertical and in these columns is going to be each specific feeling; there was a column for happy, and another for sad and another for angry etc. We took faces that we had cut out of


magazines and placed them in the columns that we thought they belonged. One of the faces had their mouth wide open and we named the feeling as crying. Our teachers sometimes challenge the positions that we take and are happy to respect the choices that we make. This is going to become a graph in our classroom which we will use for other subjects including family, when we get all of the photographs of our families, from all the children in our class. We will paste more feelings on it tomorrow and then see which feelings are the most, the least etc.

Before the Policemen came, in fact it was a Policewoman who came to chat to us, we listened to a story about a policeman that helped people learn about traffic lights. The red is on the top and that means stop; we shouted STOP in such big voices. The green on the bottom means GO and the yellow in the middle means STOP, which we also shouted in a big voice. We sang “Green means go and yellow means slow and red means stop” and we did the actions and of course, once again, when we came to stop, we shouted it out really loudly and put our hands up to show the stop sign. Then the Policewoman came into our classroom and spoke to us about how to cross the street, which we know already; we know about the red person standing still and the green person walking, on the traffic lights. She also asked us what the policeman’s job is and we told her that he catches robbers and take them away, blows a whistle and helps us. After our discussion, we went outside and all of us


had a turn to sit on the motorcycle and as we said earlier, sit in the small police car.


We also want to thank Alexa and her mum, Ale for the two beautiful books that she gave to our library on the occasion of her 3rd birthday. We are looking forward to reading them tomorrow with all of our friends. We are also so happy that Alexa is back at school after being away for so long. Thanks for a fabulous day and we are all looking forward to the next two days, of a short week at school.

Love all the children in Petals Class