Happy Halloween

It was a wonderful Halloween celebration this morning with our mums and one of our dads, joining us for our Halloween party. We knew all of our friends who came to the party but they all looked different so we were a little overwhelmed. We identify people in our lives by how they look, as this is the first sense that we use; our sight, and when they look different, it is a little disconcerting and we become a little confused. In fact, when some of us were having our photographs upstairs in the special studio, this morning, so many people in costume came into the room, we couldn’t even smile. We were fascinated by the various characters, colours and unfamiliar yet familiar faces. You can see who we were today; cats, cheetahs, fire fighters, witches, fairies, princesses, Thomas the tank engine, Spiderman,


alligator, monsters, pirates, Star Wars characters, the devil, and maybe a few more. When we arrived at school we went upstairs to have photos taken and during our party, we had a group photo taken with all of us together.

Our party started in a similar way to our regular school day. We all held hands in a circle and sang “Let’s all hold hands in a circle”. We chose the actions that we wanted to do e. g. jump, clap our hands, stamp our feet, click our fingers, and turn around. We then sat down with our families and we sang our “Hello” song but this time, instead of saying our names, we stayed in character and said e. g. “My name is fairy” or “My name is Spiderman”. Some of our mums and dads were not dressed up  so they said “My name is fairy’s mummy” or “My name is pirate’s mummy”. We laughed! Then we all stood up and counted nine children in our class today. We all pretended to be ghosts and one of us had to be the spider; so who best to be the spider but Spiderman himself.

We sang “Five little ghosts all scary and white” and then at the end of the song the spider comes to frighten one of us away and in the


end, there were “no little ghosts where left to play”.

Afterwards we looked at our pumpkin and there was no face on it so we sang “Did you ever see a pumpkin with no face at all” and then; we turned it around and there was a face so we sang “So I made a Jack-o-lantern with a big funny face”.

We played an Under and Over game with a ball which we mastered extremely well and then we played “Tamaire” with orange and black balls that we made out of newspaper and coloured paper. We listened to Halloween music and had to be really quick and try to put all of the balls inside the basket before the music stopped. The second last game we played was musical bumps using pictures of Halloween symbols. When the music stopped we had to try to find a picture and quickly stand on it. Each time our teachers took one of the pictures away until there was only one picture left and Daiki was the “last man standing”. It was so much fun. Our very last game was “Pass the parcel”. There was a huge thing covered in newspaper. It felt really heavy but we had no idea what was inside. So once again, we listened to the


music and passed the parcel around the circle. If the music stopped when we had the parcel, we unwrapped one layer and ………. there was a gift inside. All of us had a chance to get something and this was really fun. We waited patiently for our turn and had huge smiles on our faces when we discovered “bubbles”. And then we sat down and had a wonderful snack that our families had made for us.

Thank you for a fabulous day everyone. Happy Halloween and Happy Trick or Treating!

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to welcoming back Lisa and Alexa who have been sick this week. We want to say a big thank you to Alexa for the gift that she sent for us for Halloween; it was a wonderful surprise when we came back to school from the park.

Love all the children in Petals Class