Nagasaki Show & Tell with yummy lunch cooking

Dear Flower Class parents, We had a great day today and did a wonderful cooking activity with Maryna from the office and the third ‘Show & Tell” this week. In the morning we saw something big and white all over the floor in the carpet area. It was soft and warm and looked a little like snow or ice. It turned out to be some white foam sheets. On top of the white sheets we saw some skis and poles and what looked like snowballs. The snowballs were a bit grey and actually were newspapers scrunched up. It was fun trying to walk in the skis and we tried to help our friends who wanted to try them put on the skis. We soon got some chairs and put them together and went on a journey taking food and drinks with us. We made a camper van so that we could travel together and eat too. On the table we saw the big group artwork with ice, snow, penguins and a polar bear. We used some of the same white foam sheet to make the ice and snow look more real. We tore the foam into small pieces and then using white glue attached them to the picture. On the second table many of us were adding more sea creatures to our sand pictures. We cut out some sparkly paper and added wiggly eyes. After snack time we had today’s Show & Tell together. He brought a calendar with 6 of his own pictures at the top. He told us he had been to Nagasaki and that the photos were of his grandma who lives there and also a few photos of himself in what looked like school uniform. He also told us he went to the zoo there and his favorite picture was the one of himself. It was a great Show and Tell, Thank you! After park time we had a special cooking activity with Maryna from the office. Maryna had come to make some special vegetable spaghetti covered in avocado sauce with us. We had lots of vegetables including; radish, carrot, zucchini, tomatoes, avocados, basil, parsley, coriander, purple cabbage, garlic and salt. We scooped out the avocado and pulled the leaves form all the vegetables. We used a special machine on the carrot, the radish and the zucchini to make long spirals. It was fun watching the vegetables all come out curly from the bottom. We put all the other ingredients into the blender and it chopped them all together to make a yummy green sauce. We mixed the sauce with the curly vegetables and it was so yummy. Thanks you Maryna!

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka ,Maki and Ryoan.