Play dough making and mouth art

What a fantastic Friday! Early in the morning, the weather outside was a bit cloudy. We are hoping that it will be sunny again so that we can enjoy the park. The fun experience that we had yesterday was surely incredible so we hope that we can do it again today. During our drop off time, we were so excited with the toys and our art activities. The kitchen play area was very popular and it seemed that our friends always like to be little chefs of the day. We also liked to get the purse and put some food inside it. We then shared the food with our friends and pretended to eat them every now and then. Our activities in the morning were the pipe cleaner, tugging box and play dough. The tugging box was very interesting because we needed to take out all the pipe cleaners first and then put them again in the holes. This task was to help us to be able to locate the holes in the box. It is a good practice as well for our eye-hand-motor coordination. We certainly enjoyed it and even some of ouDSCN2668r friends were trying to put all the pipe cleaners in. Our play dough activity was also amazing. We love to play with it every day. And it is also better for us to use our hands and fingers to manipulate and mold the dough. It helps us to use more of gripping and concentrating on the said activity. Our second part of morning activity was to make play dough. We only had white play dough so it is much better to have another one with a nice color, so we chose pink. Our teachers helped us to identify the ingredients that we used for our play dough making and they were flour, oil, water, salt and cream of tartar. We had a wonderful time making it with our teachers because we were able to mix them altogether. Our second part of our art activity was making the mouth art. Yesterday, we talked about our mouths and we found out that we have one tongue and some teeth. We remembered that we counted our teeth too.

On our circle time, we learned about the different colors. We love pointing them out and look for these colors in our classroom as well. Many of us were so cooperative that they even stood up just to find things that were blue, orange, red, green, yellow, white, black and brown. And then, we also asked our friends if someone is wearing a particular color of the day. For example, one of our friends was wearing white, some were wearing brown, red and so on. For the second part of our circle time, we talked about our teeth again. We pretended to brush them and after that we all said that our teeth are clean and white.

After our snack time, we all went to the park. Some of us needed to practice more on how to hold the rope. Our teachers definitely helped us with it and it was never that difficult for us. We also learned that we need to hold on to the rope all the time so that we can be safe while walking.  When we arrived at the park, we saw our Ohana friends again. It is always nice to be with them and at the same time we need to be very careful when we play with the slides and swing. Fortunately, our teachers are always there to guide us and make sure that we would have a great time with our friends. Thank you so much again Ohana for a great day! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016