Flower and seed planting Day

Dear Flower Class parents, Today was a fine day with some beautiful sunshine at last. This meant that we could go to the park this morning which we love. In the morning we had a look at our friend’s new life book and smiled at lots of the photos. On the carpet we saw the big toy crane we put together yesterday. Next to it on the table were some construction worker figurines as well as a ‘waiting list’ sheet for us to put our names. The perler beads on the table were popular with several of us this morning and some of us managed to complete our designs. After free play time we cleared away the toys and ate our yummy snacks.

In the park we saw that Darren had dug over all the soil in the school garden and removed the summer grass and weeds ready for us to plant our flowers. Soon a man arrived with a whole container filled with beautiful yellow flowers and he told us that the flowers are called marigolds. We then watched Darren show us how we first needed to dig a hole and then put the flower into the soil with the roots facing downwards. We saw the little white roots and were told they are just like straws which suck up the water from the ground. Once we had put the flower into the hole we then used our hands to fill in the rest of the hole and press them down. We think it might rain later today and so we didn’t need to water them at all today.

When we got back to school we read a book together called ‘Healthy Eating’ which showed us all kinds of food including grains, vegetables and fruit too. On the fruit page there was a picture of an apple cut in half and we could see the seeds. The teachers then showed us some other seeds such as sunflower seeds, pinecones and grape seeds. We then saw some small seeds from a flower called a ‘Cosmos’. They were very small and in a small packet so we decided to plant them in the pots on the flower class balcony. We just needed to drop the seeds on the surface of the soil and then use a spoon to cover them lightly with soil. We hope to see them grow over the next few weeks.