Who are the members of our family

We played a fun game using our plastic and wooden people today. We were focusing on our families at this time and we chose which ones were a mummy, a daddy, a sister, baby, grandma, grandpa and second grandma. We sang: “I want you to meet my family” and in the song, if we listen carefully we can hear high notes and low notes. We attributed the high notes to the mum, sister, baby and grandmas and the really deep, low notes we said were daddy and grandpa. We each chose one of the members of the family and we lifted them into the air so that they were OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

high, and then we put them on the ground so that they were low down. Then we covered them with a blanket and listened to their voices. Daddy and grandpa said in very deep voices: “Don’t hide me under the blanket!” Mummy’s voices was higher and the babies voice was so teeny and small. Only one of the grandma’s didn’t mind hiding under the blanket; she laughed when we covered her.

We also have some people made from wood, in traditional clothes from different parts of the world. We have some from the Middle East, Japan and Africa. Every week in our gymnastics class we do the same warm up exercises and play the same games. This helps us remember what we do in our class. Today we did our warm up exercises, our regular games and at the very end of the lesson; we learnt one new game today. Miyashita


sensei put a red mattress on one side of the room and on the opposite side of the room, he placed a blue mattress. The mattresses were pretend boats. One boat was sinking so we had to move to the other boat but how were we going to get to it? When Miyashita sensei said: “The boat is sinking” in Japanese, we ran from the one boat to the other so that we could be safe.

He tricked us because each time we ran to a mat; he said that boat was sinking. We had to keep on running from boat to boat until he said that we were safe. Phew!

We had a lot of fun working on our group painting and added many small pieces of paper that we had cut out last week. During the latter part of the morning, we added to it by walking around the painting, stamping on it with our coloured dot markers. Before we made our dots, we played a game, guessing which colour was missing from the container. Then we walked


around it, stamping our dot markers. We loved making colourful dot shapes on it.

During the morning we played with circular shaped pegs that we matched onto a board with a picture underneath. We tried to match the colours to those that were on the picture. When we were downstairs we read many stories together with our teachers. We enjoy reading stories in Buds Class because they are not the same as the ones that we have. Many of them are textured and one of them had really sparkly, shiny pictures in it. Thanks for a fun rainy day at school. Love always, all the children in Petals Class.