T-Rex’s hungry tummy

DSCN1968RAWWWWWRRRRR! What a big roar! Dinosaurs are here once again to show us their long tails, long sharp teeth and gargantuan feet. Yurika came and Toshiki greeted her with a big smile. It is always a wonderful day for Yurika to see a new face in class. She then said a big hello to her teachers and proceeded to finish her morning task. Rupert, Yurika and AnnekeDSCN1977 started doing the junk dinosaur art. We waited for them to finish before the next batch of children could paint on their own dinosaurs. Ivory volunteered to work on her dinosaur, she chose the biggest of them all and started to put paint on the sides, head and tail. Her dinosaur even had some spikes at the back. She enjoyed making a colorful dinosaur. Sofia, on the other hand, quietly manipulated our island together with the toy dinosaurs. And all of a sudden, she began singing “Happy birthday to me”. She was actually pretending to make a birthday cake and put the colorful wooden sticks that represent as candles. Charles was also DSCN1982very busy with his construction blocks. Kaia soon joined in and got the red bus that she moved around the classroom. After that, Charles decided to go to the kitchen. Rupert noticed that what he was doing was interesting so he went to the kitchen and played with Charles for a bit. For our circle time, we used the dancing scarves to expand our imagination. First, we moved the scarves around and around. We twirled and twisted them as much as we could. Sofia said that she had a “pink” scarf and Yurika copied her and said that she also had a “pink” one. Then, we put the scarves in one hand. We imagined that we crumpled it and DSCN1991when our teacher would say, “GO!” we had to throw the scarves up in the sky. It was so much fun doing that because it was also the first time we learned that we could do many amazing things with our scarves. Next, John put the scarf around his big face and got his umbrella and started pretending that he was walking like a grandma. We couldn’t stop laughing and all of us tried to copy him too.

After snack time, we had some visitors from upstairs. Petals/Flowers came down to our class for the puppet show. Our room was very dark because they turned off the lights in DSCN2004the classroom. Our teachers welcomed everyone to the Ohana Dino Park. It was very interesting because we haven’t heard of such park before so that left us very curious of what was going to happen next. Thus, we all went further into the room and sat down with Flowers. Sofia’s brother, Zach, was here too so she was so excited to see him with us. They introduced our puppet theater. They call it “Buds Play” center. It was first covered with curtains and that DSCN2005just escalated the level of curiosity. Finally, when John opened the theater box, we saw four dinosaurs. They are T-Rex, Alex, Max and Pepe. The story that we heard today was about T-Rex who was eating so much food until he became very full. He couldn’t even move so his friends found out his situation. His friends came up with an idea that he needed to move and be strong again. So, we all danced and sang some songs with actions. We sang the “Shake your tail” song. All of us were dancing together with the dinosaurs. Next was “Skidamarink” we sang it beautifully too. And lastly was “If you’re happy and you know” DSCN2013and the rest of us were so superb dancing and showing T-Rex how to do it. Thank you, Toshiki for making this puppet theater. This would not be possible without your help and idea. It was so amazing that all of us really had a wonderful time.

But wait….we still had a visitor. Someone knocked on our door. When John opened DSCN2014it, we saw the T-Rex’s head. It looked really hungry because it was opening and closing its mouth and roaring so much. So, we fed him with our food that we found in the kitchen play area! Also, we made a small tent using the parachute cloth. It was so lovely getting inside it and play with our friends.

Thank you so much Ohana for the “Paleontologic” experience today! Have a good day! See you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Goh and Toshiki