Puppet show and Pasta skelton

  IMG_0315Good morning! There was a skeleton puzzle on the big carpet welcoming us today. Zachary, Lisa and Ami made a big skeleton together. It was almost the same size compared to our body. The coffee fossil play dough was very popular. It sat in the refrigerator from yesterday so the consistency was harder. Our favorite smell of coffee was still there. Gaby took not only dinosaurs but also some animals to the table and said “dinosaurs in the IMG_0323muddy puddle”!  On the small table, we saw a dinosaur picture with some blocks. Teachers suggested making a dinosaur picture, but it was a bit difficult so we just made random pictures. We used the hammer to nail the blocks. Ami took a long time for making her picture and IMG_0326was working so hard. While working on this activity, we sang our favorite song “Johnny works with one hammer”.

We also did dinosaurs bone craft using pasta! We used penne as dinosaur bones and many of us made T-Rex skeleton. We looked at the dinosaur book carefully and found that T-Rex works on two legs. T-Rex has also sharp teeth because they are meat-eaters. Some drew trees or grass with crayons. It was very good idea to use black paper so that we can see IMG_0320our pasta and crayon picture clearly. 

Today was Lena’s last day at Ohana today. We made a special card for her. Jennifer and Lisa both read “We will miss you” on her card. We also took a group photo so Lena can remember us when she goes back to California. We hope Lena had a fun time with her family and Ohana friends in Tokyo this summer.

IMG_0335After snack, we watched the dinosour show in Buds class. When we all went down to their classroom, the room was very dark. Then suddenly , Toshiki the “light man” flashed on the puppet theatre. The story was about T-rex the dinosaur who ate too much food. His dinosour friends, Pepe, Max and Alex helped him by singing and dacing with him. Dominik was very happy to hear T-rex’s IMG_0339friend name “Alex” because his daddy ‘s name is also Alex. John was playing all the roles behind the puppet theatre. We all danced “ dinosour tail shaking” and sang “If you are happy and you know it” and “ Skidamarink”. At last, Toshiki brought a big dinosour head and we fed dinosour. We saw one Buds class friend was crying when she saw Toshiki’s dinosours. But we were not scared and loved to touch it. Our eyes were glued to the show . Thank you John and Toshiki to let us come to your class. We enjoyed your show very much!

IMG_0343After the show was water play time. We didn’t play in the pool today, but we play with the slide. We didn’t change into our swimming wear, but some of us ended up all wet. It was cloudy this morning but still very hot and humid.  

After outside play, Liezel read “I thought I saw a dinosaur” which was about dinosaur hunting. Inspired by this book, we sang “we’re going on a Dinosaur hunt!” song. It goes just like “ We’re IMG_0359going on a bear hunt” . See you tomorrow and have a good afternoon!