What's in the egg??

IMG_0369Can you see what’s inside of the egg? Yes, it’s a dinosaur! We know that dinosaurs are born from eggs but have never seen a dinosaur egg. We saw ‘dinosaur box’ at the table this morning. Some dinosaurs were in the real chicken egg shell. We can’t believe that dinosaurs grow so tall and big from such a small eggs. Today’s first activity was making balloon dinosaur eggs. We tried to look at the balloon closer to the light so that we could IMG_0379see dinosaur inside.

First, we put our dinosaur toy in the balloon. We needed to pick small one because it was difficult to squeeze dinosaur into the balloon. Then we went to the kitchen with our teachers and carefully poured some water in it. We didn’t want them to pop but we all wanted to touch and feel this water balloon. In the balloon, we could still feel our toy dinosaurs. At last, we put our balloons in the freezer. We will freeze them and make ice dinosaur eggs. We can’t IMG_0384wait to see how they turn out tomorrow.

Luka, Arata and Kenichi made their pasta Skelton picture. Luka looked teachers work carefully and tried to copy it. He added sun and grass because his dinosaur was grass-eating dinosaur.

Gaby, Ami, Lisa and Jennifer colored Styrofoam eggs from our ‘dinosaur box’. We were not sure about the color, so we colored our eggs very colorful. Ami wanted her egg to be her favorite color purple but we didn’t have purple Posca marker. She used many color instead and added even stripe IMG_0408pattern.

We also started color our fossil with gold paint. Once we color them, we can see the dinosaur shape clearly. We will work this more tomorrow then we can take them to home.

IMG_0417The book of Today was “Tadpole REX”. At the end of this book, we saw an inner tyrannosaur in REX’s eye. In fact, frogs live alongside tyrannosaurs and triceratops. They existed 100 million years before these particular dinosaurs evolved. We also saw that tadpole REX became a frog- The plant-eating tadpole became a meat -eating frog. 

Just before the pool time, we made leaves fossils. We shaded by leaf stencils with crayon. If we draw too hard, we can’t see the shape of the leaf. So we tried to use the crayon on the side way. Then we cut each leafIMG_0420 and stuck them on to brown paper. It was very difficult but we tried our best. We hope you can find IMG_0428our leaf shape in our pictures.

We enjoyed our pool time again. Unlike yesterday, most of us changed into our swimming clothes. We poured some water to the slide and made water slide. We loved our water slide so much.

Thank you everyone for another fun day!