Our Movie Poster

DSCN0892It’s a great Tuesday! We had a wonderful morning with our friends because they always say “good morning” with big wave and smile. Yurika was here first to come and play with our toys. She loves to see the trucks and cars. But her favorite was the toy phone and necklaces. We also saw some trains and tracks and we started playing with them in the circle time corner. Rupert was so busy building and constructing his own railway. He likes to show his teachers his construction and he would say “train...it’s a train…” Sofia DSCN0893came too and she went to the white board easel and she started scribbling and making lines. Ivory came and she’s still getting to know our environment, friends and morning routines. So, we played with her as much as we could, but our teachers were doing their very best to make her feel comfortable. To be honest, she is becoming more adjusted which is also a very DSCN0895good thing for her. We noticed that there were some finger puppets located on top of the shelf and we definitely had the opportunity of expressing ourselves and pretending that we were in character. Rei and Yurika were so proud showing their own ghost, mommy, chef and daddy finger puppets. Ivory, Kaia, Sofia and Rupert were very attentive listening to the finger puppet story. On our art tables, we saw the golden cloth again. We used the Posca markers and DSCN0897paint. It was more fun to use our hands in stamping some handprints on our cloths. Kaia and Rei were very glad to do this art activity. Sayaka and Sharee were patiently helping them to make their cloth look more beautiful. And then, there was also the table outside. Our teachers showed us that there were some trays of paint, buses and cars, rollers and some sponges. We dipped the cars and buses and moved them along the canvas. It DSCN0898left some tire tracks which actually looked very nice. Then, we used the sponges and different painting media to make our art with many scribbles and stamps. The fun part of this activity was being able to move around the table while painting on the canvas. We were actually singing the “Wheels on the bus” and then we painted and painted all around. Rupert, Sofia and DSCN0902Yurika had so much fun creating this wonderful masterpiece. Ivory was enjoying her time painting on the canvas with rollers. At last, we just made our “Movie Poster!”

DSCN0903           We went to the park today. Ivory and Rupert had an amazing time together playing with the big truck and digging a hole in the sand. Ivory was using the toy shovel and she put the sand in the cup and finally poured the sand on top of the truck. Thank you so much again for a delightful day. And hope to see you all again DSCN0904tomorrow.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee