Bye-Bye Lucinda

DSCF7383Today we said a sad farewell to Lucinda. It was a sad moment to say goodbye and hope she will come back and visit us again soon if she comes back to Japan. Lucinda has been a dream to have in Flowers Class and all the teachers and her friends will miss her dearly. On the table in the morning we saw the picture frames we started making yesterday. The paint has now dried and we saw next to it lots of paper stars, stickers, sparkly silver glue and gold paint. We could choose whichever stars or paint we wanted to use to decorate our picture frames. After decorating the frames we had one more star to attach which said ‘I’m a Star’ on it. Kosei, and Arata needed toDSCF7388 paint their picture frames this morning and both chose a black background. On the second table DSCF7391the play-dough was very popular with many of us using the rolling pins and cookie cutters. On the carpet the big box of wooden blocks and ball roll sets were also popular with Kosei and Jennifer building a big ball run together. Many of us wanted to use the marbles and it was some good practice for our sharing skills. Kosei and Jennifer were also our ‘teachers helpers’ today and came eagerly to feed our fish Sean, Marc and Liam. After packing away the toys and art materials we had our yummy snacks and then headed straight for the park. We DSCF7398made sure we had sunscreen, bug spray and our hats ready before we left as it was very hot in DSCF7399the park. In the park we were very lucky to find a big yellow butterfly which landed on our flowers. It was very sleepy and didn’t want to fly away so we out it in the big tree to rest for a while. When we came back to the class we played some listening games and then sang ‘A ring, a ring of roses’ and all lay down together which was fun. In circle time we talked about what it means to be a ‘Movie Star’. We talked a little about how male movie stars are called ‘Actors’ while female movie stars are called ‘Actresses’. We then looked at some cards showing famousDSCF7401 DSCF7403characters such as Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow, Lightning McQueen, Cinderella, Woody and several others. Lucinda, Jessica and Jennifer then all dressed up behind the class theater curtain and each made a grand entrance as Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. We posed for the cameras and then put the pictures into our special ‘I’m a a Star’ frame. They look wonderful and we will all dress up tomorrow for our turn as a movie star! Have a great afternoon,DSCF7408

All our love, Maki, Darren & Bill