Musical Notes Cards

IMG_2488This morning we made some special surprise cards for our fathers to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday this week. Yesterday we marbled some paper using special inks and today we added some black paper notes to decorate the outside. Inside the cards we wrote ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and even drew a nice picture of our daddies. We will make a small gift to take home tomorrow too to say thank you to all our fathers. On the second table we started some birthday cards for John, Goh San, Liezel and Sharee whose birthdays fall in July and August. We used colored markers,IMG_2495 colored pencils and sparkly pens. The toy cars were very popular on the carpet with Wesley and Kai who used the roads rug to drive around. After packing away the toys and having our yummy snacks we went to the park. It was nice and warm but a little overcast but luckily it didn’t rain at all. We found a big red & black caterpillar as well as a dead bumblebee too. IMG_2498Many of us used the water containers to wash the toy truck over and over until it was sparkly. After returning from the park we immediately had a circle time with our friends and Ayaka introduced us to the different sounds our bodies can make. By making a high pitched noise with our throats we could feel our throat vibrating with our fingers placed over our Adam’s apple. Making a low pitched noise also made our throats vibrate too. We tried feeling our own throats to feel the vibration IMG_2500and then felt Ayaka’s throat too. It was lots of fun and a little strange to feel the air moving inside Ayaka’s throat. We then needed to use our ‘Listening Ears’ to see if we could hear the difference between the Montessori shakers. For this there were two sets of IMG_2504shakers, one set red the other set blue. Taking one of each shaker we listened as Ayaka shook them. Sometimes they made the same sounds and other times they made different sounds. The idea is for us to try and match the sounds from the red and blue sets. We then talked about how we could make music with other things including plastic cups. The teachers then put on a special video for us of some musicians called ‘Stomp’ using brooms to make music together. It was very funny and we then practiced with our plastic cups just like them. We heard the sounds Ayaka’s shaker made and itIMG_2508 was made from 2 plastic cups. We then moved to the table to make our very own shakers. First we put some junk art materials such as pen tops, beads and card pieces into the first cup and IMG_2510then taped the second half onto the first. We could then decorate them with markers and further colored tape. We tried them to hear the sounds they could all make in turn. Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Ayaka, Darren, and Bill