Animal Music and Sparkly Explosion

DSCN0745Wonderful Wednesday! It was a great way to start our day because we have some awesome activities prepared. We had art materials on our table. We saw the tissue rolls and boxes for our drums and kazoo. Some of our friends haven’t done this art so now it was a good time to finish it. Ritsuka was early today and she requested to play with our play dough. She loves DSCN0747molding and pressing the dough down like a baker. She sometimes used the cookie cutters and rolling pins to make various shapes. Yurika greeted us with a wonderful good morning and she saw the kazoo that she was working on the other day. She said that she wanted to put more decorations so she put more glue and stick some sparkly designs on her kazoo. We also had our Mr. Potato head toy and Yurika also tried to put his glasses on. It was so funny because she confidently wore them like a DSCN0749movie star. Yuu and Ritsuka also quietly constructed small buildings in the classroom, they like the “Ampamman” toys. He is the superhero who saves the neighborhood. Jack was so excited to be here with us again and he could not hide his smile greeting his friends and teachers. Kaia went to the library and took a book for her to see. During our circle time, our teachers showed us some animals. We saw the elephant, DSCN0751kangaroo and the horse. Each animal could do different rhythmic sound. When the elephant walks, it makes a slow and thumping sound, the kangaroo can hop all around and it makes a jumpy rhythm and of course, when the horse gallops, it makes a fast and steady sound. It was very nice to see all of us do the rhythm with the help of our teachers. Sayaka and Nanako patiently helped us on how to play the rhythm properly. Jack was showing us his big smile and this only proves that he’s having a great time with our activities. Alexandre was definitely imitating our movements and he was also showing musicality during the drum playing part. Sofia and Kaia gladly entertained us with their skills.

After our music class, we went to our activity table for our science experiment. We called our experiment the “Sparkly Explosion”. Our teachers told us the materialsDSCN0754 that we used in the experiment and they were the baking soda, food coloring, red and green glitters, and vinegar. First, our teachers showed us how to do the experiment step by step. We put the baking soda, then the food color, next were the glitters and lastly was the vinegar. And you know what happened after DSCN0769we put the vinegar? It was like magic. It made lots and lots of bubbles. Kaia said out loud, “Ohh, bubbles, bubbles!” After showing it to us the first time, we had to help our teachers putting the ingredients all together the second try. We tried smelling the vinegar but Jack shook his head and he meant that he didn’t like the smell of it. Alexandre did the same thing too.

DSCN0795           That was a very cool experiment! Of course, we went to the park today. But we had to stay for a short while because we didn’t want to get caught in the middle of the rain. We enjoyed every moment with our friends and we definitely want to come back there again tomorrow!

Thank you so much Ohana for the fabulous day and we hope to see you all again tomorrow. Have a great day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako