The Beautiful Fan and Fun Drum!

DSCN0798What a great Thursday! We are so happy to be here again in Buds class. We welcome each other with wonderful smile and greetings. Ritsuka came in first and she was so ready to get her hands on the art activity that we have for today. However, she needed to wait for her friends so that we could do it all together. Yurika came next and she went to fix some blocks and puzzle we had on the table. Alexandre loves trucks and cars andDSCN0800 he always wants to show them to his friends while moving around the classroom. We also had some musical instruments and it was so fun! Yurika had the electronic drum, Alexandre got the tambourine, Ritsuka enjoyed playing with the tissue box drum and Kaia had the same too. We also had some stacking blocks on the table and we took turns playing with it. There was the big dinosaur puzzle and she also tried fixing it with her teachers. DSCN0814            We then went to our art activity table. We saw the white fans. And our teachers helped us to get some musical note - stencils to stick on our fans. We thank Darren for giving us the stencils, they were so wonderful and gave it more fascinatingDSCN0815 designs. Rupert was very serious sticking and coloring his fan and we told them that the fan was going to be a surprise for daddy. Sofia also got some Posca markers and she nicely asked for the different colors to draw on her fan. Alexandre was interested in pasting and coloring his own fan. It was amazing to see how he has settled in with our class quickly.

DSCN0817During our circle time, we read the book again about friends who always love to play with musical instruments. So, we had to do some basic rhythmic exercises. We used our two hands, then our index fingers, next our thumbs and lastly we used just one hand. It was a great exercise on how to follow and imitate our teacher’s music and at the same time to practice our hand and eye coordination. Alexandre needed a little bit of help but Anneke was having such a great time playing the rhythm with her drums.

We went to the park today. It was a bit sunny and then it turned out to be DSCN0819cloudy a few minutes later. Alexandre really liked to go up and down the slides. Also, we have to remind him every now and then to sit down and slide. This way, it would be safer for him to go down. Yurika and Kaia were so busy sitting by the puddle of water. Some kids from Flowers class were cleaning the toy cars in the sand box and by getting too much water from the DSCN0821tap, they created a muddy area to play with. Of course, we enjoyed playing, scooping and squeezing the mud out of our hands.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day again. We are captivated by the friendship and love that we’re getting here every day. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee