June 11 – Sports Action!

DSCN0621Terrific Thursday! It was a bit cloudy outside and we’re all happy to see our friends and teachers once again. Ritsuka came early today and she said “bye-bye” to her dad with a beautiful smile. We love to see her each day at Ohana because she is always enjoying being here. She has greatly adjusted well with our class and she loves playing with the puzzles and some sensory DSCN0625equipment on the table. When Yurika arrived, she was very glad and ready to discover some new things that she can play in the classroom. We started our special morning activities. We made beautiful tennis rackets today. We got some Posca and regular markers to use. The art sample was pretty amazing and so we got our own markers and started coloring to make our tennis rackets more beautiful. Yurika volunteered to have her first turn and she colored the paper plate with different colors until she created spots and lines all over it. It was pretty cool! We had our DSCN0626bowling game setup again. Rupert, Alexandre and Yurika were the first in line to try it out. They were so interested and just couldn’t stop taking turns. They loved rolling the bowling ball and hit the pins. Kaia had a lot of fun doing the tennis racket art too. She used green and orange, it was so amazing that she was able to put her own design and make it more beautiful. Sofia DSCN0634colored her paper plate too and she requested for the markers nicely.

During our circle time, we talked about actions. We had a book that Sharee gave us and the title was “Shake a leg”. The book was very nice and we had to do some actions while our teachers read it for us. The actions were like, “twist your body, knock your knees, shake your legs, wiggle your toes, waggle your fingers, jiggle your ears and honk your nose. Rei-chan was so cooperative because she was able to follow DSCN0640the movements. Ritsuka was able to do that too and it was so fascinating to see how delightful we were the whole time. After doing all the sports actions, we held our friends’ hands and started singing “Skidamarink”. We gave a hug, a kiss and a big DSCN0645high five to each other and it was definitely amazing to see how we are developing our relationship with one another. Anneke got Sofia’s hands and they started dancing and turning around.

While walking to the park, we held on to our rope tightly and we have to remember to be safe all the time. Anneke and DSCN0646Alexandre did very well and they were to hold on to the rope while going and coming back to school. Thank you so much Ohana for the awesome experience that we had today. See you all again tomorrow. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee