It was another great day of sports and fun at Summer School. Today was our baseball day with fantastic ideas from our teachers, regarding the equipment that you need to play baseball. We are becoming really good at scrunching paper and today we did it again, so that we could make a baseball. We noticed that a baseball is quite hard and it has stitches on it. We used pencils and markers to make our stitches and you’ll never guess how we made our baseball bats. We rolled newspaper into a long thick roll, covered it with black paper and then we were ready


to play baseball.

We took our baseball equipment to the park and had fun playing baseball in the green area. Our friends in Flowers Class used a large plastic bottle as a baseball bat too and then we shared our black baseball bat with them. We also used a balloon as a ball together with our baseball bats. It was so much fun.

Inside the classroom, we played table tennis again with the small table tennis bats, rolling the ball on the table. We really love playing this so


our teachers let us play it again and again; and it is also good for our hand eye co-ordination.

While some of our friends were making their baseballs and baseball bats, Shelley sat with us and we prepared something for Father’s Day which is later this month. We looked at a sample that Hisami made with a man dressed in pants, a shirt, a tie and shoes. We cut out similar clothes for our dads and pasted them onto a piece of paper. Our teachers asked us to choose the colour that we wanted for our dad, specifically. Then we drew


his neck, face and any other parts of his body that we thought we needed to. All of ours look completely different because we have our own unique drawing styles and our dads look different.

Only Lanah, Manuel, Hana and Michaela did their Father’s Day pictures today so the rest of us will make ours tomorrow and next week, when we are at school.

Our teachers sometimes feel bad because our dads work a lot and they usually don’t have time to come to school and enjoy the things that we do


here. We are glad that we were able to make something for them to celebrate Fathers Day.

We read stories together in the library in small groups and our funny favourite one was “I wish I had duck feet”. In the story it was funny because if they have duck feet, they can’t come inside with their wet feet from swimming; if they have deer horns, they can hang things on the horns and if they are an elephant they have a long trunk they can reach up to the top shelf to steal the cookies from the cookie jar……

We changed the calendar and sang “There are seven days in a week”. Manuel counted that there


were eight children in the class so Shelley tricked us and started to sing “There are eight days” and we laughed because we know that there are only seven days in a week and not eight. We realized that it was both sunny and cloudy today so we added a picture of clouds and the word ‘cloudy’ to our chart. We said that today was the 11th because yesterday was the 10th; and then we sang our “Numba Rhumba” song…..”Let’s do the numba rhumba cha cha cha cha……” We are learning how to rhyme and of course some of us remember words that we used when we sang this song a long time ago. Fun rhymes with one; shoe rhymes with two;


bee rhymes with three; door rhymes with four and alive rhymes with five.

Thanks for a fun day of sports and learning in Petals Class. Our last days of Sports will be Ten Pin Bowling…..We already have pins for a game that we will play in our class and we will make a bowling pin as well.

Have a great afternoon and see you tomorrow!

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel