Relay Racing and Sports Drinks

DSCF7138This morning on the table when we arrived we saw lots and lots of colored beads and two kinds of colored string; red and blue. The beads not only looked pretty but some of them had the letters of the alphabet on them too. We chose which colored string we wanted to use and then threaded lots of beads onto the string with the letters of our names in the middle. Later in the park the blue or red string determined which team we would be in for a special sports race. On the small table inDSCF7140 the dramatic play area we saw the ‘Granny Racing’ set which we enjoyed playing last week. The set includes two ‘grannies’ in wheelchairs who race DSCF7146around an oval track. To play the game we needed to write our names on the race board paper to reserve a spot and then started racing. For each race we used a timer in the center of the track to make sure we all got an equal amount of time. It was fun racing the grannies but we are not sure if it is a real sport or not! On the carpet next to the racing was a big box with lots of marbles and blocks in it. This was very popular with us and we made lots of marble run tracks for us to roll theDSCF7148 marbles along. After packing away the toys we sang one of our new songs and DSCF7151did the actions to ‘The Hokey Pokey’ as well as ‘Head & Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in both English and Japanese. We also did the calendar jobs in both English and Japanese too. Wesley chose to be a teacher’s helper today and as part of that responsibility he fed the new fish Sean, Marc and Liam. In the park we did some more sports: a relay race. We broke into the two blue and red teams and lined up. On the ground were some cones. We had to jump to the first cone, then weave in and out of the four cones on the floor, then run as fast as we could to DSCF7152DSCF7154touch the net and then back to the rest of our team mates to hand over to the next runner. It was lots of fun and we had one draw, one win for the red team and one for the blue team. When we got back to the classroom we again divided into two teams to make a tasty sports drink. To make the drink we got some oranges, apples, strawberries and lemon together. We peeled the oranges and cut them into pieces along with the other fruit. We then saw a machine on the table called a food processor which the teachers told us was a tool and not a DSCF7169toy. We know that we only play with toys and not tools. We then helped Ayaka use the machine to chop all the fruit DSCF7162and added some sparkling water as it was a little thick. We all had a try and it was really yummy. We had a little left over and so we put the drink into some ice trays to make fruit ice candy for tomorrow if we are hot. Have a great afternoon, All our love, Ayaka, Darren, and Bill DSCF7177 DSCF7179 DSCF7182 DSCF7185 DSCF7189