Tennis ball art, bowling fun and Welcome Alexandre!

DSCN0576What a wonderful Wednesday! The bright sun is up and it was so great to greet each other with a big smile on our faces. We saw the play dough on our activity table and our teachers helped us to roll us some balls and Nanako showed us how to use the cookie DSCN0579cutters and the rolling pins. We created great soft figures and thanks to our teachers who patiently helped us along the way. On the other side of the table, we found some toothbrushes and it was so funny that Sofia pretended to brush her teeth. Perhaps, DSCN0585she is doing this hygienic routine at home. Ritsuka and Kaia quietly stayed in the library. Ritsuka likes to show off her beautiful necklaces. Yurika got a phone too and she pretended that she was talking to someone while looking in the mirror. Yuu also used some cookieDSCN0587 cutters to make some funny figures with the playdough. It was Alexandre’s first day and he was so amazing because he showed that he’s ready for Buds class. In our circle time, we had a lot of fun singing “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. We even had some amazing DSCN0589movement exercises and we all did that using our delightful songs that we sang in the classroom. After that, we saw some bowling pins and a bowling ball. Sayaka and Nanako taught us how to roll the ball and it was amazing how everybody was having a great time making a strike for every turn. Griffin was soDSCN0604 happy when he saw that he hit all the balls down. Alexandre was so excited to pick the ball and gave it to his friends so that they could have a turn too. Kaia was so patient and when it was her turn she rolled her ball pretty well and did a strike. Good job Buds class! You’re awesome!

DSCN0605           We had our art activity and it was simply great to know that most of us would like to try painting. And today, we painted a tennis ball drawing. We used our toothbrushes to paint on the drawing and Sofia would pretend that she’s going to brush her teeth with it. We knew that she was kidding because she was DSCN0607giving us a smile. Griffin and Alexandre were having a blast working on the tennis ball art. It was also a good practice for their fine motor skills like how to hold and use the brush correctly.

DSCN0619          At the park, it was hotter than usual. But not to worry, we put our sunscreen lotion and hat on. And of course, we’re ready for a new adventure again. Griffin was so thrilled to see his brother Wesley! He instantly ran to him and called out “Where is Wes?!” Nanako DSCN0620took care of Kaia and Yurika because they loved to stay and play with the swing. And Sayaka looked after the rest of the children who were playing in the sand box. Thank you so much for the wonderful time. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako