A beautiful Autumn day

It was another beautiful sunny day in the park and we had a great time playing there, earlier than usual. We had the entire park to ourselves and played games with the cones. Darren set it up in two parallel lines and we had to weave in and out of them; then he made a circle with them and we had to try to do the same thing. Noah is really good at weaving in and out of the cones and he did this a few times successfully. The rest of us enjoyed running in between the two parallel lines and around the outside of the circle. Tokutaro went inside the circle and then Shelley played the freeze game. We ran and then she said ‘Stop’ and we had to stop and freeze. She also said ‘Freeze’ and we froze. We love picking up the tiny pebbles on the ground and let them slip through our fingers. Shelley made a line in the sand with her foot as she was walking and some of us followed her; walking along the line which looked like a snake. We also collected leaves (and feathers) in the park and during our circle time upstairs, we looked at the ones that we had collected yesterday. The ones from today were colourful however the ones from yesterday had become dry and crispy and fragile. We used them for leaf rubbing and noticed the veins that came out on to the paper. We used red, yellow, orange and brown pastels for this activity. We used origami paper for our second activity which was cutting out tulips. We chose the colour that we wanted our tulip to be and then we spoke about a square shape, which is the shape of the origami paper. We folded our square in half and it

became a triangle. We attached a green stem to our tulips and planted them inside a bamboo pot. At Library time we re-enacted the story “In Wibbly’s garden” using the pig puppet and the rabbit finger puppet. The giant from the story was the metal Scotsman tin. We love hugging the pig puppet.

Downstairs, we had a new activity today with small pieces of wood. Sophie and Miya built houses with theirs while Tokutaro and Gento enjoyed touching them and looking at them and dropping them on the floor. Our teachers think that they like the sound of the wood when it goes “donk” on the floor!

We sang the songs that we usually sing when we come to school each day and today we used real leaves to sing our “5 little leaves” song. We try to blow really hard so that the leaves will drop off the tree and float down to the ground.

In this photo here, Sophie is kissing her baby as she puts it to sleep on the pillow. Miya also kissed her baby when she covered it with a blanket. We love playing with our dolls and pretend that we are their mummies each day.

We read the story ‘Brown Bear’ and both Sophie and Miya remembered the colours of the animals. Of course Miya remember the purple cat as she loves wearing purple clothes. Shelley made the different sounds of the animals too to see if we could recognize what animals were in the story. Miya and Sophie did their beautiful Autumn leaf and wax crayon shaving art work. Now we all have one hanging in the classroom and in the afternoons they shine so beautifully as the sun streams in through the windows.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kanako