Role models for our dolls!

We can’t believe that it is already November. It is only one more month and then it will be Christmas and New Year. They say that time flies when you are having fun and every day that we are at school we have fun and learn. Many of us were so tired after our Halloween parties yesterday that when we arrived home, we fell fast asleep on our beds. Miya’s mom Carolin sent us a photo of her asleep in her bed. This picture also looks like we are sleeping but we were just pretending to do so. We took out some dollies to play with today for the first time. Some of us are not sure what to do with them but Tokutaro took his, put it on a pillow just as he does when he sleeps after lunch; and covered it with a blanket. Eva and Gento kun followed suit and then when their teachers said “shhhhh” tha babies are sleeping, they all lay down and said “shhhhhh”!

We had a busy morning doing music and movement and playing instruments as well. We walked and jumped and stamped and played tambourines and bells together with the music which was ‘The Wiggles’. Then we listened to the story “Brown Bear” which is a favourite of many children. We loved it too and it helps us learn not only the different animals but also the different colours. Then we went to the activity tables as Kana had prepared an amazing activity for us to do today. We each received a piece of tracing paper which you can sort of see through. Then we placed some autumn leaves on the paper and spooned red, green, yellow and orange

wax crayon shavings on it. Kana ironed the paper and the wax crayon shavings melted and joined the papers together. She made a frame for them and they look like beautiful works of art. You can see them on display on our windows.

We did some interesting activities upstairs today, sorting pine cones into different sizes; sharing books and learning how to turn the pages carefully; looking at leaves and talking about the four seasons and “bubble wrap” popping.

During book time, Finn and Nico shared a book called “The tremendous tree book”; Oliver and Noah shared a book called “In Wibbly’s garden”. Oliver and Noah’s book was about how beans grow into plants just like the beanstalk from the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”; except most of them are not as tall as that one.

Our pine cone activity involved sorting into three piles according to size; small, medium and large. We made patterns with them by putting them in order e.g. big, small, big, small; big, medium, big medium; big, medium, small, big, medium, small.

With the “Bubble wrap” popping, we could jump with two feet together on it, use our fingers to pop it or hop on it. We really loved jumping on it and hope that we didn’t make too much noise when we did it.

We took the spiders that we made for Halloween to the park today. They hang from a thin piece of thread. We hid them under a mound of sand and then out they popped; we spun them around and around on the thread; we let them crawl into the plants and had so much fun with them. We learnt so much in our classes last month and look forward to November being another month of fun and learning at Ohana.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako