Spiderman's in town!

It was so cold this morning when we arrived at school however when we went to the park, it was lovely and warm. We had a huge surprise just before we left the park to come back to school for lunch. This was actually the highlight of our outside time today. You will never guess who we saw! You’re cold; getting warmer; getting warmer; careful you may burn yourself……Yes, we saw SPIDERMAN! He even asked us our names and shook hands with us. He was really strong! You probably don’t believe us but here are some photos. Now, do you believe us? You never know who you may meet in the park in Azabu Juban! Just before we met Spiderman, we discovered a big dragonfly. Maybe one day there will be a DRAGONFLYMAN. Oliver and Noah made Jack-o-lanterns for the window display. Noah also made a black bat, just like the ones we made yesterday. He cut the shape out from a piece of paper that he folded in half. All of us did threading using orange and black beads. We wore our bracelets for most of the day. We used only orange and black as they are the colours for Halloween. We are really looking forward to our party on Monday morning with our friends and families. Our story today was called the “Runaway pumpkin”. We set up a large hill which we made out of blocks. We then covered the blocks with a sheet of black material and rolled our pumpkins down the hill, just like the runaway pumpkin in the story. Today was a really busy day making many different things and also dancing and singing. We danced to the music from Michael Jackson’s thriller and tried to make really scary faces. We also danced and sang the “Ghostbuster” song and made ourselves look like ghosts…….Boo! We played a game where we had to sit in a circle and pass a ball of yarn/wool to one another to make a spider’s web. We then chose a partner and one of us was the fly and the other one was the spider; trapping the fly in our web so that we could eat it! Yum.

Downstairs we did sweet potato printing with green paint. We stamped the prints onto the page and while she was doing it, Eva was saying: “Stamp, stamp”. When we were finished the stamping part of the activity, we tore purple tissue paper into pieces and pasted it onto the same page. The purple represented the sweet potatoes. Then we pasted on some photos from our field trip to Chiba Kita, where we picked the potatoes. We also played with play dough at our second activity table. We each had a pool that was made from play dough and we put the animals near to it. Shelley said that it is the waterhole. Then Kana had a wonderful idea and we watched her, open-mouthed as she rolled the play dough into thin sausages and placed them on the table. What was she making? As you can see from the photo, she was making a spider’s web. We all sang the song; “One elephant went out to play” and each time we placed one more elephant onto the web. Then Shelley made up a line, and we took one elephant off the web until there were none. We tried to roll the play dough into small sausages too. We did singing together with walking, jumping, running and hiding. We sang our usual morning songs and taught them to a little boy Ryan who came to visit our class. He loved the “Tommy Thumb” song when we say: “Hide them away”. We want to say thank you to our mums and dads for all of our beautiful Life Books that are on display at school. We love looking at them. What a fun day at school it was.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako