Today was a lot cooler in the morning when we came to school however, it warmed up during the day and we enjoyed the bright sunshine outside in the park. We played with the huge blow up ball and many new friends came to join us as it is so much fun to roll, and push and hit it into the air. Downstairs our day started off with free play and then we packed away and had our morning circle time. We are starting to learn the days of the week and will do this as part of our morning circle each day. Today we sang our usual songs that we love singing each day and of course we sang our “Hello” song too. We also sang one where we sing “Good morning” in different languages. This song is an action song and after each action, we sing. Today we sang “Guten Tag” which is German, “Bonjour” which is French, “Shalom” which is Hebrew, “Ohio Gozaomasu” and “Good morning”. We also sang our pumpkin song where we count all the way up to 10 little pumpkins. Our favourite song of the day was “5 little leaves”. We had five real leaves and Shelley held them in the air as if they were on a tree and whenever the wind came, we blew really hard and one little leaf came tumbling down; until there were no leaves falling from the tree.

Miya and Sophie did their Fall/Autumn leaf sticking on contact together with a few printed pictures of leaves and the sparkly ones too. They also completed their orange and black collages. We are changing some things in our classroom and will put them on display when our new shelves are up on the wall etc.

Tokutaro and Gento had a special activity just for themselves. They had plastic cups and coloured fuzzy pompoms. They could count them and put them into the cups and then take them out again. They loved the texture of the pompoms as they were soft and squishy. They also drew with coloured pencils at the small table while Sophie and Miya completed their activities.

Upstairs Jamie and Beckett made their bats which are now hanging from the ceiling in the classroom. They chose the exact spot where they wanted theirs to hang from. Our story was called “Booooo”; it is a funny story about a mouse’s shadow that looks like a ghost. We re-enacted the story using a puppet mouse and one of the ghosts that we had made. We loved hugging the mouse puppet and shouting “BOO”.

At the activity table we made Jack-o-lanterns and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth out of black paper. We glued them onto the orange pumpkins. We then stretched our real sweet potato vines along the length of the table and attached our Jack-o-lanterns to it. We also did a hand washing activity to remind us how important it is to wash our hands properly especially when we come back to school after playing in the park. We sang “this is the way we wash our hands” and then we did the same for brushing our teeth. While we were brushing them our teachers sang “this is the way we brush our teeth”. We are becoming experts at brushing our teeth now and our teachers are sure that we do just as good a job in the mornings and evenings at home, as we do at school! We did our “Body Rap” song this morning and had plenty of exercise before we started out day.

Thanks for another fun day at school. See you tomorrow and Friday.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kanako