Sweet Potato digging

A bus load of happy mums and dads, children and teachers and many bags,

left Azabu Juban early this morn

headed for Chiba Kita, a field trip was born!

We missed our friend Beckett whose baby had a fall

Frances his mum gave us this news on a call.

We hope that her chin will heal neatly and clean

And the scar will possibly never be seen!

So Ohana International School today

Marked its first Oimohori, we were going to play

and dig and pull and be in the fresh air

on a small farm away from the big city fare.

The bus trip we thought would be quite long

As the Tokyo traffic is one great big throng

But to our surprise there was an open road

And we bounced along with our heavy load

Of strollers and shovels, gloves, jumpers and food

We were all so happy and in a great mood.

We arrived quite early and took a bathroom stop

and noticed the wonderful vegetable shop.

This will be where we come to at the end

Now to the farm, our way we did wend

1042 was the number of our plot

All systems go, and we were off in a shot

Digging and pulling and finding the treasure

Even creepy crawlies were somebody’s pleasure

Bags were full, some hands were brown

Soft soil, natures smells these are not found in town.

Tummies were hungry and it was time to eat

First a photo at the flowers, move your feet

We sat on the grass with the river nearby

Feasting on a few new things to try

Cupcakes and fruit, pineapple pie oh yum!

So many things to fill up my tum!

We ran together and had fun outside

Heading back to Tokyo was not such a long ride

We needed some veggies and flowers first

And a drink of something to quench the thirst.

Back to the bus, with an even heavier load

Not much traffic on the open road.

Some of us slept and some of us cried

On the way back to school, it was a fun ride.

Family and friendship were the winners we know

Ohana is proud of what it can show.

Thank you all for a wonderful time

And now I really must end this rhyme.