Tongues, teeth and healthy food

We all awoke to another beautiful Fall/Autumn day and look forward to another one tomorrow for our field trip to dig sweet potatoes. We are sooo excited to the trip tomorrow and will share the experience with our friends when they come back to school. We are planning on cooking some of the sweet potatoes that we dig up and will once again wait to do the activity with our friends. Miya, Sophie and Shoko did many different things this morning and they spent a long time concentrating while working at the particular activities. First they did red drawings and collage. We are trying to remember the names of the colours and red is one that we all know. We had an assortment of red coloured drawing utensils to use. We had crayons, coloured pencils, thick markers and thin markers. We also had a selection of collage materials which included material, shiny ribbon, origami paper, feathers, foam pieces, yarn, coloured shapes and strips. First we drew on the page and then when we were finished with our drawings we pasted things onto the page. We actually all made faces and then some of us pasted things around the faces and some of us pasted them onto the faces.

The second activity that we did was threading. We displayed really good control when we were threading and used two pipe cleaners joined together, with beautiful beads. The beads were quite small and we managed to thread them all on the pipe cleaners with skill showing really good fine motor skills. When we were finished, our teachers attached them together and we had necklaces to wear at school the whole day. We loved them so much that we even wore them to the park.

Upstairs we compared the food that we had brought for snack time with our friends. We looked at the pictures of foods in the “Good enough to eat” that are on the food pyramid. We identified our snack on the food pyramid. Nico and Finn had an apple that went into the fruit section; Noah had crackers, Jamie had grapes and cheese and Oliver had raisins and crackers. We played a game with pictures of food on cards and placed them on the food pyramid in the sections where we thought they belonged. We practiced brushing our teeth at the table as we need to learn how to brush properly.

At the activity table we spoke a little more about our mouths and what we have inside our mouths. We know that we have teeth and gums as we have been talking a lot about how to important it is to brush our teeth twice a day. We know that we have a tongue in our mouths but we didn’t know that it is a very important part of our mouths. We need our tongues for eating and for talking. Our tongues help us form certain sounds when we are talking and they move the food around in our mouths when we are eating. They also help stop the food from going too quickly down our throats. So we made a tongue and added it to the teeth that we made last week.

At circle time we read “Halloween is……..” and we discussed our field trip to dig for sweet potatoes. Finn said that we are going to pick up all of the potatoes. When were asked whether we like sweet potatoes, most of us said yes and Jamie said: “No, I like pizza!”

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kanako