It is a tiring day at school

Today was a busy day with our friends downstairs completing their activities for Tokutaro’s party and upstairs we learnt how to brush our teeth really well. Albert the Alligator joined us for morning circle time and we gave him the new teeth that we had made yesterday. They fitted him really well and we think that he is happy with them. We trust that from now on, he will brush his teeth carefully twice a day and look after the remaining four teeth that he has. In order for us to learn how to brush our teeth properly, we poured sand on our Styrofoam teeth and brushed it off with brushes. We sang “This is the way we brush our teeth”. Our story book today was called “The tooth book – what is he eating?” We noticed that he was eating cake, cherries, candy and he was drinking soda. Oh no! What is going to happen to his teeth? What should he be eating? What will happen to his teeth? Finn said that his teeth would fall off and Oliver said that they would be crashed!

We spoke about breakfast as one of the three meals of the day and how important it is to have a good breakfast to start our day. Our bodies are like cars and the food we eat is the gas and oil for the engine. If we do not have gas and oil in the car, what will happen? We know of course that a car will not go without these important things and that the same goes for our bodies. If we give it healthy food and drink lots of water, our bodies will be strong and we will have oodles of energy!

We had snack time downstairs and when we went back to the third floor, we continued the discussion about healthy food and we all mentioned what we had eaten for snack today. Finn ate apple, Nico ate apple, Noa ate oranges and Oliver ate crackers. We compared what we ate on the food pyramid which is in the book “Good enough to eat”. In our circle time we sang “Heads and Shoulders” and Finn led the singing and actions. We also did the “Body Rap” twice and you can see in us in action in one of the photos!

Downstairs we practiced our cutting skills using scissors and play dough. First our teachers showed us how to roll the play dough and we sang “rolling, rolling, rolling the play dough”. Then we used the scissors to try to cut it but some of us don’t really know how to hold or use a pair of scissors. Eva tapped the play dough with it; Gento tried to hold it and open and close when Shelley held it with him and Tokutaro knows how to cut on paper and today he was not 100% sure what to do with the scissors when cutting the play dough. Gento and Tokutaro both decorated the crown the Tokutaro will wear at his birthday party tomorrow. Gento wanted to try it on as well and later when we were eating lunch, he saw it and again wanted to wear it.

Eva was so tired after a busy day outside playing in the park and doing activities in the classroom that she fell fast asleep at lunch time. She ate a small piece of kiwi fruit and then her eyes closed, her head nodded and she fell fast asleep. Tokutaro pretended to be sleeping when we were singing during morning circle time. The words of the song that we sing are “Everybody sleeping” and we all put our hands together and close our eyes when we sing these words.

We want to wish Gento kun and his family a safe trip to visit his big brother in Europe.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako