Taking care of our teeth

Another beautiful day greeted us and we had plenty of time in the park; to run and do exercises; to build in the sandbox; to swing and feel free as a bird; to climb and strengthen the muscles in our legs; to slide and scream with delight and to have space outside in the fresh air. Upstairs our day covered a lot of learning. We had a large pyramid made from green tape, on the floor and we all sat around it and spoke about the sections and where the food groups belong. We had a large box of plastic food and we placed the food inside the different sections of the pyramid; Finn – pizza, lemon, potato; Jamie – bread, orange, eggplant; Nico – pepper, melon, chicken; Oliver – bananas, asparagus, bread. The smallest part of the pyramid is right at the top. It is the part where the point of the triangle is and this is where the unhealthiest foods of all belong. We learnt that if we want to eat these foods, we can only eat a little.

During our circle time we sang and dances to the “Body Rap” twice as we love doing it so much; we sang “Ring a ring of roses” and we spoke about big circles and small circles. Today we were also introduced to Albert the Alligator who lost all but four of his teeth. The Dentist told him to use a toothbrush and toothpaste but we don’t think that he listened very well. We read “The Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss and afterwards we all spoke to Albert about why his teeth fell out. We also told him that we can make him a new set of teeth but he will need to take care of them a lot better than he did of the other teeth! At the activity tables, we made a set of teeth using Styrofoam, foam and glue. Tomorrow we will brush the Styrofoam teeth and then practice how to brush our own teeth using our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Miya and Sophie made beautiful sparkly stars for Tokutaro’s birthday. Gento and Tokutaro drew on pieces of white paper while they were decorating their stars. We had a special music and movement ring today in our class downstairs. We used the music on the piano and we did walking; running and jumping. At the end of each movement, we curled up into a ball when Shelley shouted “hide”. Then we stood up again and did another movement to the music and then again we curled up into a ball and hid. It was so much fun. We stood in a circle and held hands with our friends and teachers. Then we sang “When you’re happy and you know it” and we did many actions; we clapped our hands; stamped our feet; nodded our heads; clicked our fingers; blinked our eyes; wriggled our noses; shrugged our shoulders and tapped our knees. We sat in a circle and sang our “Hello” song to start the day. Then we sang “Open then, shut them” and we sang “Heads and shoulders, knees and toes”. We sang it many times as each time we omitted singing some words and just hummed like this: “Mmmm”. We first sang all of the words and then omitted one at a time. In the end we were only humming to the tune and doing the actions. Sometimes it is hard for us to sing and do actions at the same time. We have to think really hard how to co-ordinate our bodies for this.

We read books from the library and we listened to stories that both Goh san and Shelley read to us. Goh san read us many of the stories from the Nemo story pack and Shelley read to us “Rooster’s off to see the world”. Thanks for a fun day at school.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kanako