Wishing you a sweet and happy New Year

Today we played and learnt so much during the day and had fun with our teachers. We had lunch together upstairs and spent time reading books together and socializing with our friends upstairs. Upstairs we played with the train tracks and the new trains. Finn especially liked playing the Shinkansen. We love that the new trains move really smoothly on the tracks and have the power to go by themselves.  Noah and Jamie did the Bob the Builder puzzle and they both love doing puzzles and worked together as a team. Our display with stories about our names has all of our names now and all that it needed was for Beckett to make his face on a paper plate. Today he made it and now our display is complete. He also loves cutting so her spent quite a long time at the activity tables, cutting and cutting and then pasting pieces that he had cut out, onto a piece of paper. This was Beckett’s first cutting at Ohana and he pasted everything onto a red piece of paper which will go into his workbook. Noah and Jamie enjoyed tracing on the light box today. Noah traced a bird and Jamie traced a cat. Noah’s bird didn’t have wings as the wings are mostly made up of feathers and a skeleton is made out of bones.

In the library we read books and then Darren read us the story called “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. This sounds really silly we think! Who wants to eat flies and cows and horses etc? When we finished reading the story, we all thought about something that we would like to eat. Some of us thought of silly things just like in the story. Jamie said he would eat a giraffe; Noah would eat an

elephant; Finn would eat macaroni; Beckett would eat a spider and Nico would eat a spider too. We drew pictures of our favourite foods using markers and coloured pencils and then we had one of our favourite lessons; we did Yoga. Today’s Yoga class involved us doing the following poses; do nothing doll, shark, hero, tree and cobra.

Downstairs, we had fun with the microphone and Gento and Tokutaro said a proper word for the first time. They said “Hello”. Shelley was playing with them and said “Hello” to each of them and then she gave them the microphone and they all said “Hello” in it. Sophie and Miya sang the words of our good morning song perfectly. They both sang “My name is………”. Well done to our friends Sophie and Miya!

During the morning we played with play dough and had some plates, cups and utensils to play with. We used the knives to cut the play dough; the spoons to scoop some of it into cups and we also made small pieces and put them inside the cups as well. We did drawings at the small table using crayons and markers and spent a lot of the time dancing to the music and using instruments to accompany us. Sophie built a tree house using the plastic toys while Miya built towers using the wooden blocks. She was so patient with her younger friends as they kept on coming to bash it down. We read stories together and one of our favourite ones that we love listening to over and over is “Go Clifford Go!” Clifford loves watching the trucks, trains, cars and planes flying and then he puts on roller skates so that he can also “go” like they do.

Tomorrow we are having a cooking day at school and we will be eating apple and honey for snack time. Jewish people eat apple and honey so that they have a sweet New Year. They are going to be eating this tonight and we will eat it tomorrow. Shana Tova to all our Jewish families at Ohana; wishing you and your loved ones, a sweet and happy New Year.

Love Shelley, Darren, Marie and Sabine