Shopping for Friday's cooking

We had an adventure this morning at school and went to the supermarket to shop for ingredients for our baking activity on Friday. We are going to make pizza faces and needed to buy tomato sauce; pita pockets which we will use for the bases, cucumber and carrot which we thought would be good for the nose and mouth, olives for the eyes and grated cheese for the hair or the skin. When cheese melts, all the shredded parts join together so we could use it for the skin. We will have all the ingredients on the table on Friday and everyone can choose what they would like to use for their pizza faces. At the supermarket, we each had jobs; Finn had to find grated cheese and cucumbers; Nico had to find round pita bread and olives; Gento had to look for tomato sauce and carrots. We had to look for the items on both floors of the supermarket. On the first floor we found the pita pockets, carrots, cucumbers and cheese and on the second floor we found the olives and the tomato sauce. Finn carried the basket to the cash register and he told the lady that we were shopping for school. He and Nico gave the lady 1,000Yen each. She gave Shelley some coins in return. We packed our shopping into a plastic bag and Finn reached up really high to return the basket to where it belonged. Shopping is fun and we are lucky that our school is near to the stores and supermarkets in our neighbourhood. On our way back to school we had to cross many streets and are trying to remember to raise our hands when cross them. Our teachers tell us that we are small and so we need to do whatever we can to make ourselves look bigger so that cars can see us and stop when we are crossing the street etc. We stopped at the park and had fun playing in the sandbox; on the slides and on the swings. Nico climbed on the large climbing frame and sat on the swings which he loves to do; Gento climbed the steps of the small slide and came flying down; he also went on the bouncing see saw with some new friends that we met in the park.

Gento made a picture of a person using shapes and yellow cellophane paper. He did the same activity that Sophie and Miya did yesterday. He also read stories on the mat and spent time playing with a large selection of small cars which are kept in the draws on the shelf in the classroom. He experimented by putting them inside the large leather briefcase; closed it and then opened it and added more. He found it a little difficult to actually open the lock on the case and needed his teachers to help him.

Upstairs, we used the light box and had x-rays of animal skeletons on it. We traced the skeletons onto a piece of paper and noticed that they had so much detail. We used pencils on white paper and could see all of the bones because the light was shining from behind them. We learnt the names of some of the animals that we were tracing as they look really different when you just see the bones. There was a frog, bird, snake, turtle, lizard, cat and fish. Once again in keeping with our theme ‘Who am I?’ we completed our large body and added the names of the parts to it. We added words like chest, stomach, heart etc.

At the activity tables this morning, we did a puzzle that is made up of numbers and it looks like a caterpillar. Each number is a part of the caterpillar’s body. We had a whole lot of numbers on the table going all the way up to nine and we used them as our guide when we were doing the puzzle. If we were not sure about the number nineteen, we would use the number nine as our guide and see if there was an eight in front of it. It was almost like a self correcting game.

Thanks for all the preparations for our final “Who am I?” activity this week. Shelley is also going to talk to us about the Jewish New Year which starts tomorrow. She is going to eat apple dipped in honey!

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako