The Three Little Piggy's Barn

Dear Summer School parents, This morning when we entered the classroom we saw lots of pink origami paper on the table, and wondered which kind of animals we were going to make for our farm. We then saw a little pink origami pig made by Hisami. It looked so cute and had sticker eyes and even a little pointy tail. We followed the instructions given by Hisami carefully and were very happy to see our little pigs ready to put into our own mini-farm. On the second table was another wonderful activity making horses for our farm. We saw some shapes on white paper which we soon realized were horse bodies. Firstly we colored in the horse body shapes using crayons and colored pencils. We could choose any colors we wished to make the horses. Once the coloring was finished we added some googly eyes and then realized that our horses didn’t have any legs.  We then saw some white pegs on the table and we then used our finger strength to squeeze the end of the pegs and attach them to the bodies of our horses.  They look just like legs and will stand up too! There were several of us who missed yesterday’s barn coloring activity and so we sat at the table and chose our own colors for the barn and then glued them into our own mini-farm. In the free play carpet area the play tunnel was again popular with many of us going around and through the tunnel over and over. Several of us saw the princess dress up costumes, shoes and crowns and decided to put them on. Together with our friends we looked very pretty. After packing away the toys and art materials together we had our yummy snacks and then headed for the park. Just before we left we checked how the books in the class library should be put away so that the titles are readable and they are not covering others.  The park was warm and humid but we had lots of fun with our friends. The slide was very popular again today with several of us making ‘trains’ so that we could slide down together. After returning to the classroom we drank lots of water and then started our circle time together. First we looked at a new book called ‘Inside a Barn in the Country’. The book showed lots of animals living in the barn and we enjoyed making the animal sounds for each of them and compared them to the Japanese equivalent sounds e.g. Dog-Woof, Woof (Wang Wang) etc. There was a big piece of fake grass on the carpet and then along came 3 little pigs which had a good time eating and wandering around. Soon it would be dark and the rain would start but the 3 little pigs didn’t have a barn to protect them so we decided to make a barn from some rolled up magazine pages. Together we made the barn and then suddenly the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ arrived and the pigs were safe in the barn. We were so very happy that he couldn’t huff and puff and blow the barn in.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Hisami & Pauline.