A fun day at the park

Good morning everyone! It was a wonderful day again at Ohana School and our friends came with beautiful smiles on their faces. Our teachers were also very amazing because they never failed to give us a warm hug each day. We loved being at Ohana and being with the wonderful people. After doing our morning jobs, we found some puzzles that we could fix altogether. We also have the process art materials on the other table. We recognized because we have used these materials when we’re doing our previous art activities. Liezel was there to help us in creating this fabulous art piece. We put all the material and stuck on the long piece of paper. We put the shredded pieces of paper, some Popsicle sticks and the cut-out shapes of sand art. We slowly applied the glue and stuck the art materials. It was really a fun thing to do. Thank you so much, Liezel for helping us out.

We went to the park early today and took advantage of the very nice weather. We sat down, ate our snacks and enjoyed the beautiful things that we can see from the park. It’s really nice to spend this time with our friends and teachers. After eating, we ran around with our teachers and Miyu helped us out to play on the swing. Goh san took care of us when we’re playing at the slides and at the sand box. We were full of joy doing all these things with our friends. After our park time, we went back to school and continued our day. We stayed in the library and listened to the stories of the three little pigs, the long-nosed pig and some Spot books. We were listening attentively because we found that the stories were quite interesting. Most of our friends even knew how each story goes. It was quite amazing to know more about the books that we looked in the library. John took us to the carpet area after reading these stories. We took some musical instruments out like the maracas, drums, accordion and recorder. The musical experience was packed with entertainment, camaraderie and love. It was wonderful!

The very last activity that we did today was to continue process art. We can use our spray bottles to give our artwork more life to it since that the paper was dry. The dynamic colors gave us more things to appreciate. It was really a great day to end. Thank you so much Ohana for having us again. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)