Huff, puff and blow the house down

The weather was quite cloudy but nice today. We were very happy to have our friends again in Buds class. We started our day by doing our morning jobs and putting away our things just before we start the day. On our tables, we found some interesting things. We made a mud using the sand that we got from upstairs and poured some water. On the other table, we got some black paint mixed with sand and glue. We were wondering how we could approach these activities for today. The mud play was very interesting because there were also some animals that we had on the table. At first, we were having second thoughts of touching the materials but when our teachers showed us how to do it, we got excited and loved to try them on our own. The painting activity was quite fun too. We used the black paint and touched it with our hands. We loved the texture of the paint because of the sand in it. It was an amazing experience foDSCN1521r some of us because many of us were tactile learners. The rough and gooey texture of it made our lesson experience more interesting and exciting.  In our carpet area, we found some wooden blocks, mega blocks and some toy cars that we have from our classroom. We would also like to welcome William to our class. It was nice to have you and you’ve got a wonderful first day of school. We can tell that you really like to play with the toy cars and explore more of your surroundings. You are such a great addition to Buds class.

During our circle time, John played with his guitar and danced to the music. We clapped our hands, turned around and jumped up and down. After the nice warm-up, we all sat down and listened to the sound of the animal. We heard a howling sound, “Awwooooo” and our teachers asked us if we could guess what animal that was. One of our friends said, “It’s a wolf!” Then, they showed us the book of the three little pigs and it was nice to see the pictures in it. As we turned the pages, we pointed at which one was the wolf. Then, they asked us to describe it, some of us said that the wolf was good and the others explained that it was also a good wolf.  One of pages from the book had a wolf trying to blow the house down. So, we copied what the wolf was doing by simply counting from 1, 2, 3, and then blow…fuuuuu! We got some materials out from the cupboards like the feathers, lego blocks, scarves and tissue paper. We put them in our hands one by one and we found out that the feathers, scarves and tissue paper could fly away once we blow. However, the Lego blocks just stayed on our palm and never moved. There, we learned the concept of light and heavy. The lighter can fly away while the heavier ones remain on our hands when we blow.

After snacks, we went to the park and played with the older children from Petals and Flowers classes. It was a good day and we had a great time together. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)