Eating slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies

Our wombat stew was so delicious this morning. We made ‘yakisoba’ but this time, we made it so that it was like slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies. You are probably wondering how we make ‘yakisoba’ so that it is like slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies. We made it just like you make regular ‘yakisoba’ but at the very end when the noodles turned from yellow to brown, we added another colour. We added black. Oh my gosh! You should have seen the noodles and cabbage and mushrooms and carrot all turned black. And when we ate the black ‘yakisoba’ our tongues become black; so Shelley called us the “black tongued lizards”. Not all of us wanted to try it, even though we had seen the entire process of the noodles and vegetables cooking, from the start. Those of us who ate it, really enjoyed it and realized that it tasted exactly the same as regular ‘yakisoba’; the only difference was in the colour. When we were eating it, it looked we were eating real creepy crawlies! We first chopped the carrots into small pieces and our teachers tore the cabbage into small pieces. We cooked the cabbage, carrot and mushrooms together in the pot with a little bit of oil, and then we added the noodles together with a little bit of water. We helped stir the vegetables and noodles and waited until the water had evaporated or disappeared. Then we added the flavouring and lastly, we


added the black colouring. We watched it as it changed from food that looked quite regular, to food, that we were not sure whether we wanted to eat.

It was a fun time for us as we love cooking and especially enjoy the smell of a classroom that smells of cooking. We may do some more ‘wombat stew’ cooking.

On Friday, we have a big treat awaiting us. Our teachers think that we will definitely eat the ingredients that they have bought for our ‘Wombat stews’ then. We think that they may have bought some candy for us but we are not 100% sure. Talking about 100%, we still like to tell our teachers when we have eaten everything, that we ate 100%.

Another special part of today was when we went downstairs to Buds Class to celebrate Chiaki and Goh’s birthdays. They have already been and we were happy to share another celebration with them. We gave them crowns, birthday cake, candles and cards. We sang “When you’re happy and you know it, “Happy Birthday to you” and “How old are you now”. When we sing “How old are you now?” we always clap and count and the person who is having a birthday says “stop”, when we come to the correct number. Well, today, Chiaki


told us to stop at 15 and Goh said we must stop at 10. We didn’t realize that Goh was younger than Chiaki!

When we came back upstairs to our class, we had fun singing a song called “Copy Cat”. Hisami put some blocks on the carpet and showed us that you can make musical instruments using objects that we find all


around us. We don’t need real musical instruments. She tapped different rhythms on the coloured blocks and we tried to copy her. We also sang “Doh a dear” and we did actions and sang songs from one of the Wiggles CD’s.

At the second activity table, we completed our koala and dingo puppets. We added eyes and other features to them both and chose the colours that we wanted to use. We have now made all of our animals for the story and are going to take them home tomorrow, after we have filled our pots with “mud, water, flies, slugs, bugs, creepy crawlies, feathers, and gumnuts”. We will use the things that we poured into the two troughs and find things that we think represent what the dingo added to his ‘billycan’.

Thanks for another fun day cooking “Wombat Stew”.

Love from all the children in summer school.