The calm before the Gruffalo

Dear Flower Class parents, We had a wonderful day today and wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work and support this year. We were all very excited to come into the classroom and see how everything looked different at the back of the classroom. There were some toys out on the carpet area as usual and play-dough, drawing materials, a puzzle and game son the main table. We soon saw the big purple cloth covering one wall of the classroom and wondered what it was for. There was a sign on it saying to ‘Please do not Touch’ or lean against. Soon it was time to prepare for our graduation performance and party.  The entire end of the classroom had been cleared of all the furniture and carpets ready for our mommies and daddies to arrive. We took a few minutes to organize ourselves and after clearing away the toys we sat in a circle and talked about how we could have a good time and enjoy the performance.  Even the teachers relaxed on the floor for a few minutes ‘ready for the storm’ to come…Haha. We then moved upstairs and put on our special black mortar board hats we had made especially for the occasion.  We firstly posed for some photos and then we were joined by Shelley who came to help us receive our special certificates. We said “Thank you” and shook hands with Darren and Shelley before posing for our special photos. It was the time for our special performance that we have been practicing for several weeks called ‘The Gruffalo’. We all moved outside and lined up before putting on our masks and reentering the room and sitting nicely. Once we were all seated our narrator started the story about the mouse, foxes, snakes, owls and Gruffalo. We did a fantastic job and performed really well. At the end we all stood together and sang ‘The Gruffalo’ song to the music and did lots of the actions too. We then saw a ‘Little old Lady’ enter the classroom and together we sang the song “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” together and got under the old ladies skirt like we had been eaten. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.  It was then time to play some games and had lots of fun playing musical chairs with our friends and then cheered as one of our moms Ali won the adult musical chairs game. Two of our special moms received a bunch of flowers from the school for being Flowers and Petals class room moms this year. Thank you Huijin and Jen! To finish off the time we unveiled our own special ‘Future’ artwork which we made to show everyone what we wanted to be when we grew up.  There were many princesses, police officers, vets, doctors, rock stars, superheroes, ballerinas, teachers, motorbike racers and office workers too. We had made the photos by dressing up and posing then using Photoshop to put ourselves in new pictures. They look great now they are framed and on the wall. We all had a great day and enjoyed all the yummy food today and will miss all our friends so very much. We love you all and Darren managed to refrain from crying today too! Well done Flowers Class on a successful and fun year. Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan