Our end-of-year party!

Dear Buds class parents, It has been a great year for all of us. We can still remember the first day that we all came anxiously and not knowing what to do inside our classroom. Thankfully, we have our wonderful teachers and friends always ready to give a helping hand. From then on, our transition went on very smoothly and we’re happy to be able to share the good memories at Ohana International School.

It was rainy outside but the attendance for our class was really good. Almost everyone came to have this special event in Buds class. As we started the morning, many parents brought their special food for everyone. The table was full of wonderful delicacies. We had some chocolate cake, guacamole spread and nachos, baked apples, chocolate bread, popcorn, challah bread, crackers and cheese, fruit sticks and a lot more! We made a big circle and our teachers welcomed us all. Nanako was here today and she brought Una-chan with her. Una-chan is so beautiful and we can’t wait to see her more often at Ohana.  Sharee went downstairs to say thank you and goodbye to all the parents. We really appreciate what she did for our class. Best wishes to you, Sharee!DSCN0844

We began eating with our parents and it was nice to have our mommies and daddies on this special day for us. The fruit sticks are very popular and we just loved eating them. Thank you, parents for the amazing treats that we had for today. After eating, we made a big circle and started singing songs that we learned for the whole year. We sang our good morning song, how are you today?, I am in the mood for singing and our favorite Japanese song. What a great day we had! Next up, we received our presents – the portfolio, yearbook and the Ohana music CD. Shelley came to our class and thanked everyone who came today. We also gave flowers to Daniela because she has been a great room mom for Buds. Thank you so much for the love and support.

Lastly, we said goodbye to our friends who will go back to their home country for good. Thank you and we hope to see each other again. It was really nice having you all in Buds class! Tomorrow is our last day and our school is open until 11:30. We are going to start our summer school next week! It is going to be so much fun!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka, Chiaki, Miyuki, Goh, Liezel, Sharee and Nanako