“Upside down boy you’re turning me Inside out, round and round……..”

This is an old song sung by Diana Ross and when Shelley was writing the journal, she remembered it from “long ago” when she was young. Our day made us upside down and inside out and round and round too. We laughed and were quite surprised to see many of our friends and teachers all dressed up in a crazy way.

Some of us really took on the theme of UPSIDE DOWN and had fun putting their clothes together. At the end of the day, we went around the class and asked all of our friends, what they wore that made them look UPSIDE DOWN.


Rupert wore his shorts inside out with two different coloured socks, two different shoes, a winter scarf, a beanie and goggles for swimming. Aaila had on her pyjamas with the top the wrong way round and a pair of tights on her head. Alexa came in full swimming gear with a toweling robe, thongs for the beach and goggles on her head. Griffin came in his swimming gear and he put his pants on back to front, with goggles on his head. Shreyas had his swimming gear on with his toweling robe, and a cap on his back. Akari had a skirt around her neck. Sofia had a long sleeve T-shirt on her legs, a T-shirt back to front, leggings on her head and sparkly Wizard of Oz shoes. Chloe wore a cardigan on her legs, and a skirt on her head. Lina had leggings tied around her neck and socks on her hands when she arrived at school. Yurika put socks on her hands during the day but didn’t want to wear anything when she arrived at school. Nikolas had his T-shirt back to front and he had goggles on. Barbara had on a tutu like outfit. Daiki tied a scarf, a hat and a cowboy vest to his pants. Sharee had her Ohana T-


shirt back to front, her own T-shirt on her legs, a necklace on her ankle, a head band on her leg and a vest on her head. Hisami had her T-shirt back to front as well, one red sock and one blue sock, pegs with a puppet on her T-shirt,  a pearl necklace, pants on her head and flowers on her arms, and one purple shoe and one pink shoe. Shelley had a sock on her head, cowboy pants on her arms, a T-shirt on her legs, an angel necklace with buttons, a tail on her side, a turquoise shoe and a sparkly shoe and upside down glasses.

It took a while for us to get used to the craziness of the day. We also had an activity table that was upside down on the floor. So the legs of the table were facing towards the sky and we worked on the underside of the table. We had play dough and cutting there. We also had some visitors come to our class from Buds Class. The children, who will come to Petals Class from the new school year, came to visit. They played with play dough and did some cutting. They were a little overwhelmed in the beginning because we were all dressed upside down! They seemed to enjoy their stay with us and we look forward to welcoming them to our class at the end of August 2016.

We had so much fun on UPSIDE DOWN DAY and really loved the whole experience. When we walked into our classroom, we saw the upside down tables and the back of the room was all dark, with our beds all laid out and relaxation music playing. Many of us went to our beds and played there and pretended to sleep together with our friends. Aaila lay down together with Chloe under the blankets together; Daiki lay down with Akari under the blankets and Alexa lay down with Yurika together. None of us was really sleeping but it


was fun to lie together and laugh and enjoy the special time.

We read the story called “Blue Hat, Green Hat”. Griffin and Akari brought their books to school so that we could read them on our UPSIDE DOWN DAY. The stories in them are kind of like UPSIDE DOWN DAY. We lay on our beds while we listened to the story and it was just like we were having a bed time story read to us!

Another crazy thing that we did today was, eating snack on our beds. This time it was like having a midnight feast, when you have your friends over to your house and you sit in bed and have so many treats. We actually baked our own treats this morning. We made cookies and this time we made green and red cookies. We rolled the cookie dough inside plastic wrap and made it into balls and snakes. Then we took the initial letter of our name and rolled the dough so that we made letter shaped cookies. Our snack was to eat the balls and snakes and we took our letter shaped cookies home to show our mums and eat at home for afternoon tea. Yumm!

Even when we went to the park, it was also an UPSIDE DOWN experience. We walked down the lane and came across our Flowers Class friends who were returning to school. We said “good evening” to them. Haha! They looked at us and wondered what a strange bunch we were! As we walked nearer to the park, it started to rain so we decided to walk back to school along the small winding road. When we were almost at the end of the road, the rain stopped so we turned around again, and walked back to the park. We laughed and smiled at the strange things that were happening to us today. It really was an UPSIDE DOWN DAY!

Thanks to our friends and teachers for making it such an amazing day; marking a time in Petals class where we were truly together as a team, sharing and being ourselves.

See you tomorrow.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.