The Gruffalo's Child

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning we were happy to see the rain had stopped and we were excited to know we could go to the park today. Many of us started our morning on the classroom outdoor balcony playing with the ocean animals, fishing rods and water in the big water play table. We needed to remove our shoes and socks as well as roll up our sleeves before we could play with the water though. On the small table we saw something new which we all know; ‘Mr. Potato Head’. We were able to use many of the pieces separately and added many of them to the play-dough play. On the second table several of us completed decorating our special masks for the graduation performance next week. We used some special paper with brown furry patterns printed on it and applied these to our masks. We wanted to keep as much of the decoration and story a secret if possible but guess some of you already know a little too much. On the main carpet the ball rolling tracks were very popular with many of the boys and we used the colored marbles on the tracks too. Also on the carpet was another new toy which we noticed looked a lot like the road track mat. We soon put the pieces together and were using it with the metal cars from the box as well as the helicopters and construction vehicles. We cleared away a little early today so that we could try and make it to the park and have time after returning to practice our singing and performance. Before we left and before snack we had a quick discussion with Pooja about how we need to be careful with our friends and that it is sometimes not enough to just say “Sorry”. The park was nice and warm today and we spent lots of our time on the swings and the slide. When we returned from the park we looked at a book with Darren called ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. This is a fun book and we enjoyed the story a lot. It had another surprise ending just like the original book. We then started our practice for the end of year presentation and ceremony by moving outside the classroom to line up and get ready for our big entrance next week.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan