Happy birthday teachers

Can you believe that we felt raindrops when we were playing in the park? Our teachers didn’t want us to get caught in the rain so we hurriedly packed away our things, put on our drink bottles and off we went back to school. It meant that we had more time to organize things in our classroom before lunch. Our lunch time leaders set the tables for us while we did our beds and washed our hands. Transition times take a while and our teachers like to give us enough time to get through these times so we can move into the next part of our schedule each day. You can see that there were many children in our classroom today. The reason for this was that we celebrated the May teacher’s birthdays today. We had three people to celebrate viz. Darren, Maryna and Sayaka. In fact, today is Sayaka’s actual birthday. We sang “When you’re happy and you know it” and we clapped our hands, shouted “happy birthday”, shouted “hooray”, winked our eye, stamped our feet, and whispered “happy birthday”. We gave the birthday celebrants crowns so that they looked like they were having a birthday party and we sang “How old are you now?” three times, as we wanted to know how old they all are. Well, this was the tricky part of the party; because we then clapped and counted and each one had to say “stop” when we came to their age. Sayaka said that she was 15; Maryna said that she was 10 and Darren said that he was 25 times two. We think that maybe Darren was the most honest! We all laughed and Sofie said: “They are older”. From the ages that they said they were, we worked out that Darren was the oldest, then Maryna and then Sayaka.

We were really excited to give them their gifts that we made. Rupert gave Darren his, Yurika gave Maryna hers and Chloe gave Sayaka hers. They only blew one candle out on their cakes because we would have to have too many candles and it would be quite hot. After they blew their candles out, we sang “Happy birthday to you” in English and Japanese. At the very end of the party we sang the Ohana School song with John on guitar. We used our really big voices and many of us know the words. During the morning, we had a great painting activity with many colours. Yesterday Akari, Laly and Griffin actually chose this activity. They stay late on a Tuesday and told Shelley that they want to do painting. They selected black, green, pink, red, blue, orange, gold, silver, and yellow. We tried to paint without mixing the colours and use the white area on the paper. We will use paints again tomorrow and mix them and see what colours we can create.

We continued singing songs during the day and as we always tell you, we are like the “Von Trapp family singers”; we sing wherever we are. We sing while we are playing, on the way to the park, while waiting to wash our hands, when we are eating etc. We love singing so much.

We read a book called “If……” and before we started reading it,


Shelley said many “if” things to us e. g. “If I am Daiki, what am I?” and we answered “a boy”; “If I am hat, where will you put me?” and we said: “On your head”; “If I have a trunk, what am I?” and we said: “An elephant”. It was a really fun game and made us think about our answers carefully. In the book called “If…” there were some peculiar things like “if dogs were mountains” or “if zebras had stars and stripes” and many more other weird things.

We missed Barbie again and hope she will come back to Petals Class tomorrow.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.