Picnic Adventure

Do you know what sunny days are good for? We think they’re good for going to grandma’s house, drinking lots of water, going to the beach, going to the park, going to the pool, playing with soccer balls and picnic! That’s exactly what we did today. In the morning, we usually take out our morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and drink bottles out of our backpacks but today we just took our lunch out. The reason we kept our snack and drink bottle in the bag was because we went on a long hike. We had the option of either going to Arisugawa or Kogai park. Kai mentioned before hand if we want to go to Kogai, we can, but it’ll be a long walk with hills and there will be no complaining when we’re walking. We’ve never been to Kogai as a class before and now that we’re older we can make the 20mins journey so we agree and got ready for the picnic. While other friends were getting ready we played a guessing game. One person sat in a chair with their backs turned to the class and Kai picked one person to say their name. The person sitting in the chair has to guess who called their name. We were really good at guessing our friends voices!


The park was amazing! There were balance beams, a zip line, a steep slide, a rope tunnel, climbing walls, jumping leaves, huge sandpit, monkey bars and swings. We played everywhere and it was fantastic!

After playing for a while it was time for snack under the shade. We grabbed our water bottle, snack and sat down on the mat and ate. After snack Kai read It’s Ok to be Different and we discussed what differences means and how we can be nice to each other. One of the pages was about, It’s ok to need some help. We asked ourselves when do we need help?

Na– When there’s a fire.

Te– I saw a policeman and a man in a wheelchair. The man in the wheelchair wanted to cross to street and the policeman helped him.

Mo– When a bad guy comes to your house then you need help.

Em– In the train station I saw a person with wheelchair and the police man helped


When the page turned to, It’s ok to have a different nose. We looked at each others noses and they were all different William’s nose is whiter than Taisei’s. We also looked at it’s ok to be a different color, it’s ok to have no hair it’s ok to wear glasses and many more. Near the end there was a page for It’s ok to do something nice for someone and we thought about what kind of nice things we’ve done.

Mo– You can share something… dinner?

Al– I played with somebody.

Av– I played with Tara.

Na– I’m painting together with William.

Br– I let something go, like a bug.

We are all the this class together and we’re fortunate to have such a diverse class where we can see and experience different colors, cultures, attributes, emotions and abilities. When the story was done we had some more free play time then it was time to hike back to Ohana.

It was a fantastic experience spending nearly the whole morning out. We think we could of even had lunch picnic if we brought our lunches. Maybe we can make it happen one day…



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