A Park Fun Day!


“Can  we go to the park? “ M asked. “Yeah, today is a hot day!, I don’t have socks!“ said H. “I think I can go to park ,”J added and had a big smile on his face. “Park? OK! We can go!” S replied to J. Our teachers are enjoying seeing BIG petals having wonderful conversations between each other!

Good morning Petals! We greeted each other and finished our jobs, ready to enjoy morning free play and art activities. At the big carpet area, we had baby dolls, and little mommies and daddies. When we were making baby sounds, “Whaaaaaaa.” Our teachers asked us seriously, “Who is crying?” then we replied, “Nobody!” and we all laughed. Pretending to be mommy and daddy never ends. Taking care of the baby is a very busy job. We also had blocks and we enjoyed making a house, castle, and a car with it. At the table, we had cutting activity and writing activity. We also had a big puzzle. R really enjoyed it and could complete it by himself. Today is Maryna dance Thursday. So we cleaned up a bit earlier than usual.

Here comes Maryna! Today we requested her to do our favorite dance. Do you want to know our favorite dance? I hope we can show it for our end- of– the-  year party! So, we will keep it as a surprise gift for you. After we finished our fun dance time, we had snack time.

It’s a beautiful sunny day so we can’t help asking our teachers if we can go to park. They said, “Okaaaaayyy, we can go!” We finished our snacks and we were going to put park smocks on but Sayaka said, “Oh please don’t put smocks on yet because I have a special project for you” It was actually for the end- of– the-  year’s gift. So we can’t really tell you what it is yet, but we are sure our families are going to love it. After we finished, we had a fun music activity with Sayaka. We practiced some rhythm exercises and sang some songs. To get the rhythm, Sayaka tapped out the rhythm with castanets first and we followed how she did it. We needed to focus on looking and listening to her. It was a fun activity, thank you!

Then it’s time for park! As you could see our photos at park, we had so much fun!


Thank you for wonderful day!

Tomorrow will be NO Plastic day

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow.

Love Petals