Super Monday with Miyashita-sensei


Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! The weather was getting hotter now and it’s a good thing that we have our sunscreen and mosquito repellant ready. In the morning, we did our special activities with our teachers. Nimo was so kind in helping us putting on our sunscreen while Chiaki was drawing some figures with us on little piece of paper and Tamara was very busy helping us out to enter the classroom smoothly during the drop off time.

After our free play time, we sang our favorite songs with John. He took his guitar and started strumming away the tunes we like to sing with our friends. First, we had our “Good morning song” and followed by “One little finger” and “Baby Bud” song. It was really nice to have our singing sessions because it really helped us to concentrate and work cooperatively with everyone. Learning the words in the song also helped us to have more vocabulary words and express more of what we feel in class. When the singing session was finished, Miyashita-sensei came with a huge smile. We did our usual workout routine with warm-up exercises and some balancing activities. It was really nice to see how we are so proactive and wanted to participate for the rest of the time. Later on, we also practiced throwing our ball behind us and it was certainly a fun experience to be able to do this task easily. Of course, for some of my younger friends, they needed a little bit of help but for the most of us, we were very active and proud of what we could do. After that challenging task, we did some stretching and playing with the “Ghost game”. It was our favorite cake because we always want to have surprises! Thank you so much Miyashita-sensei for another energetic day.

After our gym class, we had our snacks and prepared for park. On the way to the park, we had our hats and sunglasses on because it was so bright outside. We enjoyed our time at the park and definitely made sure that we could actually play with the equipment and ran around the green area. It was really hot so our teachers used the water fountain to create a pretend rain. We stood in front of the water fountain and just felt the water touching our faces and bodies. It was so cozy and cool. After park, we went back to school and listened to more stories. Here, our teachers read more books such as “Sheep in a Jeep”, “A grumpy morning” and “Spot goes to the fair”. Since that we have shown so much interest in listening to different stories, we could also take advantage in expressing more of ourselves on what we think and feel about the stories we heard in the classroom. Our teachers, from time to time, asked us questions like, “What do you think happened next?”, “What do you see in the picture?”, “Why does Spot go to helter-skelter?” These questions made us think more and of course, encourages more language and communication learning opportunities for all of us. Thank you so much Ohana for another beautiful day. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Buds class children