Building up together, Breaking it down together!

April 5th

Building up together, Breaking it down together!

Our first week back at school from spring break was great! We are so happy to be back at Ohana with our friends and teachers. So much happened in such little time! We got to see beautiful flowers, we went to a grand picnic with all of our friends, we made lots of flowers from origami and today was filled with music and games! When we formed our circle with our friends and started our music time. We first started with our “Good Morning” song, but this time we did a fun rhythm activity with it. Nimo had us pat our laps and clap our hands to the rhythm he played on his ukulele. Ni-mo then asked the class for ideas on other ways to play along. Our friends suggested, thumping their chest, patting their heads, and patting the floor. Nimo began playing his ukulele and we helped him keep time. After one verse, Nimo had us play a little faster, and faster, and the fastest we could go! Buds friends always love to go fast!

We sang a few more songs and Nimo prepared a fun little game for us to play. He laid out 5 mats on the floor and showed us a dice that we were going to use for the game. On the die there were colors, and the mats on the floor had the same colors. The rules were simple, we sang and danced and when the music stopped

we all stopped and then rolled the dice. Whatever color the dice showed us we had to run to that mat so that the hungry crocodile wouldn’t get us! We all did our unique jigs and had a ton of fun moving our bodies. Then when the music stopped the real excitement began. Our teachers rolled the dice and our eyes were glued on to the side of the dice. We had to be quick because once the dice stopped Nimo would count down from 5 and when the timer ran out he became a scary crocodile and we had to get to our mats or he’d eat us up (tickle us)! Even if we got to the mats we had to be careful to let all of our friends on the mat and made sure we stayed on the mat until the crocodile went away, but the crocodile didn’t go away that easily. He would circle around the mat making sure we were all on it. It was so thrilling! We all did a great job cooperating with each other, whenever our friends went the wrong way we would call to them and help them get to the right color. After such a fun and exciting time we needed to cool down before we could start doing anything else. We sat down on the carpet and turned off the lights. We breathed in and out

slowly and we made the “a, e, i, o, u” sounds as we breathed out. Once we were nice and calm we slowly lined up and washed our hands.

From all that moving we just did we were starving! After replenishing our tummies, we headed off to the park under this beautiful warm sun. We loved playing in the sand box today. We used all sorts of tools to make a grand mountain. We had a digger team, that dug holes and filled up the buckets with sand. We had the dumper team that dumped the sand on top of our mountain, then we had the water team go fetch some water from the fountain and pour it on the mound. Finally, we had the patting team pat the wet sand down and made our structure strong and sturdy! Most of us spent more than 30 minutes working on the pile until it was time to go back to school for lunch. But before we go, there’s one last thing we have to do. What’s the best part of making large mounds of sand? Jumping on them! We all worked so hard together it was all the more satisfying stomping it down flat! Sorry mommies and daddies, we tried to leave the sand back at the park and left some at Ohana, but we will probably bring “some” back home too.

Once we got back had Nimo read us a story “Kiss Good Night” by Amy Hest and Anita Jeram and then we filled up our tummies once more and took a nap. The day went by very fast because we were having so much fun, unfortunately we don’t have school tomorrow and we have wait until Monday. We wish every a happy weekend and we’ll see you all next week!

From Ohana with Love,

The Hard Working Construction Workers of Buds