Unicorns, Rainbow Poops, and Feeling Hearts

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Dear Mom and Dad,

           We’re back to winter mode again– it was pouring when we got to school. It was so nice to finally go inside the classroom where it’s usually nice and warm.

We were finally able to use the chopsticks, and we did some color sorting with it. It was a nice practice for our grip and pinching. We had some fruit and plastic chain counters.

The big carpet was busy with train tracks. With made them circle ‘round the carpet, and we enjoyed linking the toy trains together. In the library, Sayaka read a book called, “Don’t Push the Button” book by Bill Cotter, which was translated into Japanese. It’s about a monster named Larry, who has one rule: don’t push the button. As the story goes on, it gets more tempting to push the button!

Miyashita sensei arrived after our early snacks. Today, he taught us how to do the forward roll with just one hand. It was tricky, but we did it! Our teachers were very surprised and proud; they were clapping and cheering every time we did a forward roll by ourselves using just one hand.

After our gym class, our teachers picked one book from our Show and Tell box, and it was “Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop”. It belonged to X, and she was more than happy to talk about it.


X: This page has a princess and fairies and a good with and a bad witch. Then here, the princess was shining her crown. Then they saw the most beautiful unicorn they have ever seen. Then the unicorn has rainbow poo!

Pauline: I have a question. Who here has rainbow poo?

Y: Me! I have! (He was smiling cheekily)

Z: No…. Lio has brown poo!

Pauline: Okay… if we don’t have rainbow poo, what’s the color of our poo?

Everybody: Brown!

X: The princess smells something good! It’s the unicorn poo! Everyone loves the rainbow poo, but the unicorn is turned into a frown. She was so sad. They think that they made the unicorn sad. The unicorn came back and had a party for the unicorn, so the unicorn is so happy! The end.

W: Why the unicorn’s friend give party?
Because it’s nice.

Why the unicorn is sad?
Because she wants to go away.

What if you would see the unicorn, what would like to do?
I want to ride on her back!

Why is this your favorite book?
Because it’s so nice to read.

Why the unicorn likes her friends?
Because she likes to play and have a party

Why does the unicorn have rainbow poo ?
Because she just does it.


We thanked X for doing Show and Tell. We then did an activity with Pauline where paired us with our friends, then together with our partners, we needed to put one big Ohana smock. It was a bit complicated! Then, she told us that together with our partners, we need to carry the big cushion, then bring it back to our starting point. We did our best to move in sync with our partners. Some of us fell down– it was like a domino. If we fell down, then our partner fell down, too.

For some of our friends, it was easy. For some, it was tricky. Pauline said the reason for our activity is we should always think of other people, not just “Me, me, me!”. If we had argued the whole time about which direction to go, we might have just fallen down numerous times without finishing the task.


F: We can ask our partners where we want to go.

She was right. Using words are very effective to understand each other. But sometimes, you also need to listen with your heart and feel what the other person is feeling. Just like there were some friends, without even using words, they just smiled at each other and they held hands during the smock activity, and they were able to be more in sync and finished the job quickly.

Today, Kiki also showed us some pictures about inspirations for drawing something, as we always say, “I don’t know how to draw this!” They looked quite simple and easy. We also asked her if we can have some ideas on how to draw a dinosaur, monster, unicorn, and cars, too.

That concludes our Monday– we certainly hope that it will get warmer! How about you? How was your day?



All the children in Petals Class