Picnic memory🌸


April 4th, Thursday


Happy Thursday! It was nice weather outside with blue sky, a shining sun and fluffy cherry blossoms. Some friends asked if we could go and have a picnic again. It is a beautiful season to enjoy a picnic under the “sakura” tree.


Morning Activities

1. Drawing from our memory of the cherry blossom picnic

Our memory was still fresh from last Tuesday. We all had a great time in the huge park, so we drew what we did, what we saw, what we ate. Most of us decided to draw what we played with our friends. Our observation was so accurate as we looked inside the flowers, who was taller, what color clothes we were wearing and more. We used normal pencils first, and colored the pictures in later. Our table was getting full of cherry blossom picnic memories.


2. Secret project

We are working on our secret project for something special next month. We can’t tell you right now, but you will see it next month. Please be patient and don’t ask anything because it is sometimes difficult to keep a secret. Our work today was cutting felt and gluing two pieces together. Next step will be………


Circle time

We saw some colorful dots on a white sheet of paper. They were all in a square. Only the first square had some dots. What should we do? Well, Hisami showed us what to do without any words. Red, yellow, green and blue markers were doing the magic to fill out the other squares. It was a pattern! Some friends picked up how to do this quickly and showed us carefully how to do it, on the carpet. The dots were in the middle, left, right, top, bottom, anywhere, so we had to look where they were carefully and which color went where. Our brain was busy thinking many things at the same time, but we wanted to try by ourselves. After the circle time some of us went to the table to face the challenge of making the same patterns as the ones on the paper. It took us time to find out how it worked, but we tried very hard to use our thinking brain and to use four color markers one after another. This is still a work in progress, so we can continue to do this sheet tomorrow.







We also talked about our new friends in our library. We appreciate it when new books arrive in our classroom. We made sure how to welcome our new books. Our thoughts were “Taking care of the books gently”. “We need to be kind with the books.” “We don’t stomp on the books.” We are very excited to read our new books. Thank you for the opportunity to read many kinds of books at school!

Dance Time

Thursday is our Dance day! Our dance teacher Maryna taught us how to dance beautifully. Especially, ballet movements with our two legs was interesting. She introduced six feet positions. We danced with position two and position six today. Position two is with feet pointing in the opposite direction with heels apart. Position six is with parallel feet and two feet together, touching. We jumped two to six, six to two, repeated again and again. We also did the “Scissors dance”, “Hungry penguin dance” “Tiki Tiki” and lots more. Our dancing energy is always powerful and elegant. We are happy and lucky to take a dance class every Thursday!

Park Time

Cherry blossoms are blooming perfectly. It was gorgeous to look up at the tree and to play around them. Step park was very busy with many children and such bright spring colors. We played with sand toys under the cherry blossom tree, and it felt like it was a pink sky and with a pink carpet on the ground. Sliding, swinging, climbing, picking up garbage, running, making cakes, we were all busy to do our work. We love outdoor play without our winter jackets. Finally, spring has come!








Thank you for the lovely spring day. We are looking forward to have another beautiful day at Ohana tomorrow.

XOXOXO, Flowers Class Children