Teach me now how to make pickles!

Thursday 25th April 2019

It was another feast day with some extra snacks. Our tummies were filled with

special food and our hearts were filled with happiness.

Morning Activities

1. Memories of World Book Day

We drew some memories from Tuesday. It was

World Book Day with our favorite books and favorite

dress up costume. Some friends picked their favorite

page of the book, and other friends picked their

own costume to draw in our workbook. We remembered

our teachers’ costume, so some friends also

drew their costume. We used normal pencils at first, then

we colored the pictures. Everyone concentrated very well

to draw our memorable World Book Day.

2. Koinobori

May the 5th is children’s day. In Japan, we celebrate that

special day with “Koi nobori”. Some of us were still working

on making our own Koi nobori. Each of us had different

ideas to decorate our Koi nobiri. There were many

things to choose from to make eyes, fins, scales, and tails,

e. g. colorful squares, colorful circles, feathers, shapes,

origami, ribbons, tape, sticks, and more. Our Koi nobiri will

go home with us before golden week and we can let them

fly at home to enjoy the Japanese festival “Kodomo no hi”.

3. Break fast menu for Mothers’ Day

We have nearly finished writing our long menu list. It took

time to finish writing down all the items. We wrote nicely

and carefully to show our love and to welcome our mommies

on Monday, 13th May. We are almost ready.


Teach Me Now

Teach me now, teach me now, today is A’s teach me now! It was like “A’s

cooking show". She taught us “How to make pickles!” Everything she needed

to make pickles was in her big bag. She brought some cucumbers,

a silver bowl, a knife, a chopping board, salt, three

peelers, kitchen timer, a recipe book and her hand made recipe

poster with some photos.

①Peel cucumber 3 times.

②Cut cucumber in 1/3 then 1/2. Cut off ends.

③Put cucumbers in bowl.

④Pour salt all over cucumbers.

⑤Wait 5 minutes.

⑥Rub salt into cucumber until flimsy.

⑦Rinse salt off.


She showed us each process clearly at the table.

It was very clear and simple to understand

how to make pickles. She was shy to show the

last part which was to …..EAT! We decided to

do the last part all together after snack time.

While we were waited five minutes, we had question time.

T: When did you make it?

All: …………

Al: Why did you choose it?

A: I wanted to teach my friends how to make pickles.

T: Who is going to eat the pickles?

A: Everyone.

Thank you for the interesting “Teach Me Now”, A. We really enjoyed your cucumber

pickles after snack time. We were hungry flowers. We ate them all so


Counting with cookies

Because we had some leftover cookies from the birthday party yesterday, we

used them to practice counting. One cookie had “+” mark with icing, another

cookie had “=“ mark on it.

Hisami: What is “+”?

T: X?

M: T?

E: W?

N: Plus!

Hisami: What is “=“?

N: Equal.

How does it go? Then Hisami showed how it works with +

and =.

The first cookie got one icing dot, the second one got two

dots. One plus two equals…. How many dots does the third

cookie have?

S: Three.

We added some dots one after another on the cookies, then

we counted how many altogether on the third cookie. The

very last question was not the same way. We missed the second

cookie. The first one had two and the third one had five

dots. How many dots do we need for the second cookie?

Thinking, thinking, thinking…….. It took us a while to find out

the answer.

T: Three!

Yes. We needed three dots to make five with two. After using

our brain to count, can you guess what we did with cookies?!

Of course, we ate them! Yummy!

Dance Time

Yes, Thursday is Dance Day. Maryna taught us one new

dance. It was about a crocodile. It went “crocodile, let’s run,

run, run away!” then we spread our legs wide and stretched

our tummy down on the floor. Some of us have great flexibility

to touch the floor. One of the fun dances today was “Traveling

under the ocean” song. She put a long blue rope on the floor.

We pretended it was a blue ocean and we walked all over it.

We swam like Nimo, a sea snake, sea weed, jelly fish, octopus

and mermaid. The tricky part was when we walked backwards

ever the rope after walking and jumping forwards. We

hope that everyone swam safely and happily under the ocean

without any accidents. Thank you very much for the lovely

dance time, Maryna.

Park Time

The sky was not very shining when we got ready to go out, but most of our

friends asked to go to the park. It was warm and humid, so some friends were

sweating after running around in the green area. Playing under the sprinkling

light rain was fun. On the way to the park, we felt the different touch on our

skin from the sky, our nose caught a different smell, and our tongue tasted

something wet. We didn’t mind getting a little bit wet at all. Outdoor play is always

fun time whether it’s sunny or rainy.

Thank you for the lovely day. We are looking forward to seeing you all on ZERO



Flowers Class Children ☺